Rumours of the recruitment of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as the ‘Campaign Manager’ to take on the mighty Narendra Modi are pouring in from all prime media channels.

Rumours of the recruitment of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as the ‘Çampaign Manager’ to take on the mighty Narendra Modi are pouring in from all prime media channels. The stage is getting set for a big electoral fight.

But pondering over the choice of ‘The Campaign Manager’ from the Congress Stables put us all in the back foot and makes us scratch our heads.

  1. What made the Congress party “almost” name the Priyanka Gandhi as face of  campaign manager and put her at helm of affairs – a path she has not followed ?
  2. What stops the Congress to put forth the name of the Congress Vice-President Mr Rahul Gandhi, taking into account the fact that he would be the lead name for the Prime Ministership, if the Congress and the UPA3 gets to the magical figure of 272 in the upcoming general Elections?
  3. Has the party president taken into account the fact that the ‘Rahul Sheen’ has faded off quite fast or is it that the Congress Yuvraj wants to play it safe and do the party work behind the scenes as he has always done.

With the days passing by, reports of  the earlier euphoria of Rahul Gandhi’s impromptu interlude to Mr Lalit Maken’s interview has faded.  Lalit Maken continues to take on the press (fortunately, he was not interrupted this time) and led a boisterous attack on the echelons of the press stating that it was a political conspiracy of sorts and the press was actually undermining the disaster at Ratnagar temple in Datia, Madhya Pradesh ( a BJP state).

But recent events unfold an important question in front of all of us?

  1. What if in actuality the Congress has set its eyes on the ‘Vadra Bahu’ to lead the nationwide campaign for 2014 General Elections?
  2. Is the Congress playing its worse political gamble by staking its claim on Priyanka Gandhi (perhaps as a backup to Rahul Gandhi) ?
  3. What about Rahul Gandhi, who is almost ready to don the hat of PM nominee, and as an answer to Mr Modi?

Priyanka Gandhi has been happily campaigning for her mother (Mrs. Sonia Gandhi) in Rae Bareli and her brother (Mr. Rahul Gandhi) in Amethi – she has been termed as a back-bencher in the political chimera. Has the Congress taken the vociferous campaign which the BJP (Under the leadership of Mr Modi) has unleashed against the Congress bastion too seriously, If yes, this could be termed as a crucial moment. The think-tanks in the Congress are quite realistic and have weighed the political opportunity quite well against the hard selling Modi.

Priyanka GandhiSalman Khurshid and Uma Shankar Mishra at Training Camp Priyanka Gandhi : The “MODI” for Congress ?

What could have been Congress Party done otherwise?

Sonia Gandhi herself can mantle the hat of the campaign manager, as her grandeur style of functioning is chimera for the political opponents. The ‘Iron Lady’ of the congress can take on the BJP rank and file but it is quite unlikely that Mrs. Gandhi will put herself on the electoral rhetoric and lead a frontal attack on Mr Modi.
Congress has no dearth of eloquent and diabolic leaders who have acerbic verbose and can take on the campaign on equal footage as the BJP, Nitish Tiwari (Vernacular Union minister of information and broadcasting) or Mr. Digvijay Singh are the best examples which fit the bill, but naming them at the helm of affairs will be equivalent to undermining the authority of the “PM Candidate”. Next in line could be Mr Kapil Sibal or Mr Salman Khursheed, both have been congress loyalists since time in-memorial and know the functioning of the party for quite some time – the duo can share the dias make sound political speeches and launch the congress’s vendetta against the BJP and Mr Narendra Modi.

Last in the ivory league comes Mr Chidambaram, the economist who turned the tide for this country (and once presented a ‘dream Budget in 1997, now we all dream about our future in this country!) the eloquence he carries in the parliament is all that is needed to put forward the party’s stake to gather all the needed votes to reach the magical figure of 272. The option again negates as the odds are quite against him, the aura and the clan with which Mr. Modi has lead the BJP campaign till now speaks for itself. The dictatorial style and acerbic launch of words against the congress politicians dominates the political landscape and Mr Chidambaram would be nowhere near the set benchmark.

We all assume that time is approaching nearby when the rumors of Priyanka Gandhi being the star campaigner for the Congress party gets settled and a realistic name follow suit. ‘The rumour of Priyanka Gandhi’s involvement was probably the Congress testing the waters, trying to see what sticks on the wall, and whether she would be considered the right person to counter Modi’s campaign.

But why this dithering ? Is there an issue with Rahul Gandhi’s candidature for the position of Campaign Manager ? With time approaching fast for the run up to elections, Congress has left with little chance but to declare the face of its Prime Ministerial candidate and the show the face of its Campaign Manager, till then the roving eye of the press and the rumors will do the rounds in political circles and this would indeed turn out to be quite detrimental for the party fortunes in the coming elections.

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Image Source: By Abhishek.mishra30 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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