Legal notice have been addressed on behalf of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to certain media houses. Read why she has jumped to her brother’s defence… yet again!

PRIYANKA VADRA GANDHI Priyanka Vadra Gandhi Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai?

  1. Rahul Gandhi may be the older sibling, but the more protective sibling would seem to be Priyanka Vadra. Though younger than him by a couple of years, Priyanka Gandhi has taken up cudgels on behalf of her older brother, determined to bring to book all the errant souls who have dared malign his fair name.
  2. Priyanka Vadra nee Gandhi is currently angry about a bunch of stuff it would seem, and has initiated legal action against certain allegations made against her family, more particularly her brother in recent times.
  3. A couple of months back, some rumours had surfaced in the media that Rahul Gandhi was to adopt her son Riahan. The media report in question had alleged that this was being done so that Priyanka’s son would be able to use the ‘Gandhi’ surname, which would be expedient for the political aspirations of the family. The report also alleged that Rahul Gandhi’s name is reflected as guardian in the school records of 13-year-old Raihan. (Source – NDTV)
  4. Calling this a “malicious work of fiction”, she has claimed that the “pernicious falsehood” is offensive and unacceptable. On behalf of Priyanka, legal notices have been addressed to the media organisations who have carried these reports about Rahul Gandhi’s alleged adoption of her son.
  5. Earlier as well, Priyanka has had to come out in support of her brother Rahul and her husband Robert Vadra, controversy’s favourite child, much like a tigress who sees her pride under threat. She has accused political parties and the media of leveling false accusations against her husband and come out in his defence, also appealing for the restoration of his special privileges and security.
  6. She has also publicly slammed those who pointed a finger that her brother; those who have blamed him for the humiliating defeat of the congress in the last general elections. Her fiercely protective actions are seen as a you-mess-with-Rahul-you-mess-with-me kind of attitude.
  7. Priyanka has even defended her brother on more than one occasion when he has said something less than clever publicly, as when he made the crack about Modi’s marital status, saying it wasn’t a personal attack, just something being pointed out.
  8. After the rout suffered by the Congress in the general elections, staunch supporters of the Congress were clutching at straws and the “Bring Priyanka” chant was seen to gather momentum. Many clearly think that she is the only saving grace; the only way that Congress will recover from its worst ever defeat in its entire history.
  9. Predictably the Twitter-bugs had a field day with sister Priyanka defending her brother and family:

@ndtv Rahul needs to be adopted, the poor child.

@ndtv @ibnlive @timesnow @HeadlinesToday @INCIndia @BJP4India Pappu is himself a kid…. how can he adopt anyone????

@CaMayank1957 @ndtv @ibnlive @timesnow @HeadlinesToday @INCIndia @BJP4India nothing wrong if Pappu aspires to be Papa – child’ll b confused

#Priyanka Gandhi as micro manager in family bastions.

#RaGa adopting #PriyankaGandhi ‘s son…..plz v r fine with another #robertvadra rather than another #RahulGandhi

Priyanka’s strength is she isn’t Rahul; but is that enough for Cong? #Congress #PriyankaGandhi

Image Source – Priyanka G Vadra Facebook page

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