It will be better for the poor people of this country that the Modi Govt. stops blaming politics & concentrate on its performance.

Our PM & his lieutenants seems to have a single point program to blame predecessor for their failure. Now it is an open fact that Manmohan government was intensively involved in corruption. Many of their ministers are facing the trials & they will get punishment as per the rule of the land. This is also fact that NDA stepped-up in ruling shoes due to corruption of UPA govt.

Manmohan Singh CoalGate Scam Programs Of NDA Govt.

Now PM is going to complete two years in office out of five years term. People of this country are going to judge by his performance nut on the blame politics. In Assam Modi blamed UPA that they had extended benefit to corporate houses. It is true and nobody can disagree it. But at the same time he said that he is not going to leave any defaulters of Bank which does, which is contrary to the truth. Recently Vijay Malaya has left the country. Not only that CBI which has expertise to kill the small fish, made it convenient to escape him.

vijay mallya king of bad times Programs Of NDA Govt.

PM should not blame UPA for it. He should allow the time bound program to take action against corporate defaulters else it will be proved his best slogan only like price rise, black money, creation of employment. As per TNN New Delhi, 1.6 crs people could not get the job under MANREGA which is a record. It has also been revealed that on the survey of 8 industries that job opportunities has been also reduced compare to NDA Govt(NBT dt 26/3).

ache din modi Programs Of NDA Govt.

Efforts on Black money, price rise etc. did not yield any result so far. It was a precedence that price of FMGS swings with the petroleum product. This is the new trend that it does not percolate down the line. It will be better for the poor people of this country that the Modi Govt. stops blaming politics & concentrate on its performance to full fill the promise he made. People of this country are giving verdicts at the time of election. They cannot be made full for long. Stomach needs food not slogan.

By Dr Dinesh Mishra

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