Varanasi, the city of Ganges, is facing terrific violence by the Hindu mob who wants withdrawal of ban on idol-immersion.

The mankind on the planet earth is crafting its end itself. No threat other than the ‘humans’ themselves looms over the to-be-impaired planet. A speck of green on the gigantic spherical earth, which sustains a country like India, has become a hotbed of religious violence.

varanasi Protect Religion Or Protect Lives

It was last week when the ruckus developed over the impractical lynching of Akhlaq just because he was caught consuming beef. So, here in India, slaughtering a cow becomes a disgrace to the religion but slaying a man doesn’t. Too much of hypocrisy and phoniness had swallowed up our society.

akhlaq killed Protect Religion Or Protect Lives

This week, it’s the inane and hazardous rituals under the umbrella of religion, which would now injure countless in its process of defending itself. The administration of Varanasi imposed a ban on idol immersion in the Ganges, which, in my eyes, is considerably justifiable and cardinal, but has incited an outrage throughout the city.

Varanasi violence Protect Religion Or Protect Lives

To uphold the deep-seated tradition of immersion, the Hindu mob under the aid and direction of so-called holy saints, had evoked tumult across the serene city of Ganges. Curfew got imposed, stone pelting hit the police stations, fire blazed the police outposts, resulting in a kind-of black day in the city. The forces were deployed, who shot rubber balls and lobbed tear gas on the wild mob.  A state of undeclared curfew is on in Girjaghar, Chowk, Gaudolia, Dashashmeghghat Marg, Madanpur and Baans Fatak areas.

Varanasi curfew Protect Religion Or Protect Lives

To be very much candid, which religion under the sun navigates the mankind to a graveyard? But, that what is emerging in the society, in the name of religion, has ascertained just one sole destination for the mankind, that is, death. Such religious battle would bring only deaths. Moreover, the ban is quite apt and needful, and, needless to say, must not be revoked.

Varanasi mob violent Protect Religion Or Protect LivesBy Prerna Daga

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