In the name of spirituality, yoga, health and art of living these gurus pervert thousands of people every day. There is hollowness of pseudo spirituality

 India has long been a land of gurus, babas and yogis. These gurus and babas are the ones who guides, enlightens and counsels people here. They are the prophetic voices of the country. Guruism or babaism has an indefatigable influence over the masses of across the length and breadth of the country.  They anticipate, foretell and prophesy about the future and prospective of people. There is nobody who can by-pass them. To some it’s a way of life; believing in gurus and babas is one of the great mandates that Hinduism has instituted several centuries ago.

Guruism is one of the sacred pillars of Hinduism and that has been inherited from the Vedic period. In the anicient period they used be called as sage or rishi or sadhu or the sacred soul. They had always been the spiritual guides to kings. Their spiritual advices were very inevitable and integral part to the everyday administrative affairs.

Naga Babas And Those Art of Living Missionaries

That continues hitherto even though we have no kings and kingdoms in India as the rulers of this country let it go unhindered and unchecked as they are basically affiliated to their own religion. Indeed guruism is deeply ingrained with falsehood, disingenuousness and crafty ideas of exploitation. We see a swarm of sages existed in the ancient periods known as Charak, Sushruta and Ygna Valka etc. there were a great help of people in those times’ some claim. Even some go on propounding that they were famous for their voracious knowledge in medical science. They were just like village quacks of the present days but some of us attribute a great credit to those rishis as inventors of plastic surgery or pioneers of human body transplants. If that was the case, where is our age-old medical dexterity? Why can’t we meet the minimum requirement of our health infrastructure? For a simple ailment we depend on the West.

sarathi baba fraud And Those Art of Living Missionaries

In fact those rishis or sages of the ancient days were magical and were expert in divination and had a bit of herbal medicinal knowledge more than anything else they were superlatively perfect in perpetuating caste based discrimination and injustice. Today we have a swarm of gurus who have perfectly inherited the ancient ones to expand their satanic supremacy over gullible masses.

In the name of spirituality, yoga, health and art of living these gurus pervert thousands of people every day. There is hollowness of pseudo spirituality and crafty tactics of cunning and commercial philosophy to trap innocent and unaware masses. These gurus are so advanced in strategic management and behavioural psychology and economics making this as their lethal weapons with which they war on the whole world. This is another form of imperialism more deadly than the physical imperialism; this targets your mind and brains to make you paralytic any every way faithful servant.

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Emergence of guruism is not a surprise in India.

By Pitambar Naik

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