The tragic loss of yet another youngster in Kashmir compelled our resistance leadership to share the stage after what seemed to be an eternity

The tragic loss of yet another youngster in Kashmir compelled our resistance leadership to share the stage after what seemed to be an eternity. They addressed people and ironically justified their divisions as: “our ways can be different but our goal is one” Well, for me this justification was uncalled for, as it somehow depicted the deep abrasions within them. To me, that sharing of stage was nothing but a compulsion when, they accidently met at Narbal.

kashmiri separatist Pseudo Unity in Kashmir!

Compulsion of giving out a wrong notion to the public that we are united but their address to the people somehow uncovered their division—the division of thoughts and that was indeed visible at the stage. This compulsion can further be understood as, the three ‘united’ leaders issued ‘three’ different press releases to the media; hence, stating the compulsion they faced when they met earlier during that day. If they were really sincere about what they presented at Narbal, they could have issued a joint press release to the media. Thus, there wouldn’t have been any room for any doubt.

Anyways, whatever it was, but it is deplorable to see that now tragedies are there to unite our leaders—unite to only share the stage depicting pseudo-unity. Hasn’t Kashmir seen enough? What do our leaders actually need to get united? Kashmiris have offered unflinching sacrifices for this pious cause. Now, if they have to offer sacrifices to see the leadership united then it is really distressing and unfortunate. The injustice and aggression of aliens have already crushed the common Kashmiri and this division in the leadership is further crushing and devastating the common Kashmiri. This disunity is turning out to be detrimental to the cause as it with time disheartens the common people.

What I observed in connection with this disunity among the leadership is that no one is really ready to work as a vice to anyone and everyone is trying hard to head and lead others and that’s what is, to some extend adding to chaos and confusion. Like what Mirwaiz Sahab once said that“there is no godfather of this movement” that’s right but, he should mean his statement in his actions as well and so should Geelani Sahab, Malik Sahab and all other heads of numerous scattered factions. There really is no godfather of this movement. If you are not capable of carrying forward this movement then accept it in public so that people will choose others in the line up to carry forward this movement and guide them through the struggle and just not only create divisions.

What adds to the injury is the creation of divisions every next day—divisions within the divisions. And one can say that “’KULL’ JAMATE HURRIYAT CONFRENCE ‘GULL’ HONAY KE KAGAAR PAR (APHC on the verge of extinction) ” when some members from one faction of Hurriyat decided to quit and form a yet another division but fortunately it is yet to take the final call.

With every passing day they are reproducing and creating pandemonium and disarray among masses. The leaders are answerable as they are on the front, not to create divisions everyday but to carry forward the movement of ‘people’ with continuous and systematic approach and not just play the game based on ‘reactions’

The leaders may be divided but common Kashmiri addresses them as‘Saen Leader’ (our leaders) but unfortunately that is really not enough to wake up ‘our leaders’ from the deep slumber.

There is seriously a need for the leaders to critically deliberate upon the problem. Come out with something which will add to the passion of Kashmiris. Come out with something encouraging and boosting. As the leadership is not only meant to lead but also to compromise at certain junctures for the larger benefit and welfare of the society (read cause). There is a need to show such guts otherwise, change is the law of nature.

By: Irfan Tramboo

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