There is a psychological warfare operation meant to spring disenchantment in the Indian Army via WhatsApp, the highly popular messaging app!

The Indian Army has asked its jawans and officers to get off WhatsApp, the highly used messaging app!

indian army whatsapp Psychological Warfare : WhatsApp And The Indian Army

The Reason?

Well, following Uri encounter in Jammu and Kashmir, and PM Modi’s speech in Srinagar, some unsigned messages showcased on social media sites. 

One of the messages spread in social media says, “He proves that all he has is a political agenda and rightly so also as he needs the numbers in the houses of parliament. But the army is just a tool and that too a dispensable one.”

Another message claiming to be about the Uri encounter in which 11 soldiers and policemen were killed, mentions, “The terrorists desperately tried to break the cordon established by Lieutenant Colonel Sankalp Kumar, Havildar Subhash Chand and Naik Gurmail Singh but these brave hearts fought till their last breath.”

As per the latest reports of NDTV, the national news network, “these messages are thought to have been widely circulated on WhatsApp by serving officers, possibly an indicator of discontentment with PM Modi’s remarks on Monday where he is accused by the opposition of politicising the Budgam shootout where two innocent young men had been shot dead by the Army.”

Senior Army officials in a conversation with NDTV mentioned, “this is a psychological warfare operation meant to spring disenchantment in the Army. They say they cannot identify the source of the messages since WhatsApp’s servers are in the United States.

According to the Army, all the messages circulated on Social media are part of a malafide operation as none of the messages have been written by any of the serving officers of the Indian Army.

In his message, the Army Commander General DS Hooda said, “The print, electronic and social media are powerful tools which sway not only public opinion but also the sentiments of our own officers and men. Let us not fall prey to them.”

Yes,  according to the Indian Army these unsigned messages are complete fabrication since the sequence of events described is incorrect. Also, the Commanding officer of the unit has denied that anyone in his unit has posted the message.

Looks like now the Indian Army have to defend themselves from Psychological Warfare too!

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