Quality of public education in India is seeing its downfall. Causes contributing to it are many. Both govt. and its people should not trifle this issue.

Public education system in north India is in very bad state. We can easily fin out the the delivery system of education in these institutions right from primary level to post graduate level. It has rotten to such a level that it is very hard to revive it. Government is incurring a huge amount of money in the form of salary to the staff & in other heads with almost zero contribution to the society.

There are many reasons in the down grading of public education system. On the first set we can say that people in large numbers are not paying any attention towards the government educational institutions. We think that it is the government job to monitor & initiate corrective measures to improve education system. We will have to think that these teachers & staff are getting salaries out of our contributions made in form of different taxes. Secondly, the quality of teachers have deteriorated and the reasons are many.

vyapam Why Is Public Education In India In A Bad State?

Political corruption in the appointment of teachers are one of the main reason for inferior quality teachers, where as talented teachers are forced to provide service in the public schools. For illustration, Ex Chief Minister of Haryana is in jail charged with unfair appointment of teachers. VYAPAM is the another example of it. More or less, the same is the position in different northern Indian states.

Reservation is also damaging public education system which deprives government education institution of good teachers. There was a time when teachers were ill paid. But now the situation has changed. They are getting good salary unlike their counter parts in private school. But teachers of private schools deliver many fold more then their counter parts of government schools. Accountability is the another reason of poor performance. Salary of teachers should be tagged with the students performance to make them accountable.
Super 30 Bihar CM 2nd June2006 Why Is Public Education In India In A Bad State?

Our schools & colleges need to improve on many accounts. India is a poor country. Private tutors or education in private schools, colleges or university is a distant dream to them. We appreciate that a country or society cannot improve without quality education. Rural India has huge number of masked talents. Those talents are required to be unveiled with proper opportunity. Super 30 of Patna is the best example of individual efforts of contribution to wards the education.
anand kumar Why Is Public Education In India In A Bad State?

We will have to provide support & create environment for changes & improvement in public education system to feel empowered & take the initiatives. Last month I traveled across north Bihar & spent time in the district of Darbhanga & Madhubani. When I talked to a few group of students of high school, most of them wanted to adopt the carrier of being a doctor or an Engineer. These simple events manifest the enthusiasm. We simply need to provide them opportunity & channelize their talents to make this great country strong. Each individual, corporate houses, icons should take oath to give their best to improve the public education & to re-establish their last glory. I am sure if people at large participate in this yogya, government will be bound to participate.

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra
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