Use of public in election campaigning is an old habit of political parties in the Indian sub-continent. This practice should be immediately stopped.

Use of public money in election campaigning is not new. Politicians accumulate millions of rupees from public money, which we pay in the form of taxes. These money should be used truthfully for infrastructure/governance of the country, but unfortunately only for the namesake little amount of it goes for developmental works and rest goes to these politicians pocket or for their election campaigns.

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Limit on spending during elections just exists for namesake in our country. Actually, there is no tab on how much is being spent on the campaigns and advertising by anyone. Even if someone questions will be suppressed or silenced. This is the sole reason, our country even though with huge manpower and tremendous intelligence/talent still backward from Japan/China/Singapore etc.

In fact, our country could have been the best and ahead of all countries in Asia. In our country rules are just made for the common man, but it’s just not applicable for the politicians and big-shots. Who gave them the permission or right to use our money for their campaigns?

Why we should bear the brunt of inflation every time after the elections. Not all the politicians are like that but more than 90 percent of politicians have more than 1000 crores worth assets. Still they spend money which we paid through taxes after doing so much of hard-work.

If we cannot stop corruption, at least something has to be done for the price rise issue after elections every time. It doesn’t make sense to me at all why we should pay these politicians, who contest elections. Have you seen any politicians pay us for any government exams or entrance test or appointments, then why should we pay for their campaigns?

If they want to contest, let them spend their own black money. At least in such a way little bit of black money will be out in public which will stay outside instead of being frozen for years in some politicians locker for years. Feel so sad as there is no use for the millions we pay in taxes every year.

In fact, if that money is properly used every year then I believe that our country is the only country with such huge manpower and talent can even beat a country like USA. But we are so much divided in ourselves and with a attitude like “chalta hai toh chalne do”. Use of public money in election campaigning should be stopped immediately.

By AJ David Jackson

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