Is Pulkit Samrat faking his relationship with Yami Gautam? Know the shocking real story from him only!

Fugly actor Pulkit Samrat and Fair & Lovely ad girl Yami Gautam’s khullam khulla romance have been in the limelight right after his marriage.

Though there was a buzz that the love affair might be a publicity gimmick to promote their Bollywood film ‘Sanam Re’ , people thought otherwise when Pulkit’s wife Shweta Rohira (Salman Khan’s mooh boli behen) revealed that Pulkit has moved out of their house. She also said how the actor is also heading for separation.

yami gautam pulkit samrat affair Whaaat! Pulkit Samrat Is Faking His Relationship With Yami Gautam?


If that was less sources revealed about Pulkit and Yami’s secret outings along with their sizzling chemistry at public gatherings. In addition, if you remember there was gossip all around how Pulkit’s wife caught the two in the vanity van. She even stated how her husband Pulkit Samrat is not interested in Yami but it was she who was eyeing him.

But the Reality Seems to Be Very Different

Well, yes, everything that we read, heard, and saw was all for the sake of promotions for their upcoming film Sanam Re. And if you are wondering how do we know then let me tell you it is coming right from Pulkit Samrat.

pulkit samrat yami gautam love story Whaaat! Pulkit Samrat Is Faking His Relationship With Yami Gautam?

You won’t believe but Pulkit has admitted openly in an interview that his linkup with Yami Gautam was all made up for the film. This is what he said – 

The rumors were started only to promote the film. And we are very happy because it’s helping the movie. I am glad the promotions are going well. Yami is very pretty. And she has a great sense of humour. Yami is a natural performer. There is no acting happening there. Wow! See how nicely you guys were being fooled all this while…”

He apparently laughed off after he was asked the question about his love affair. Perhaps this is the reason why Salman Khan was quite all this while.

Pulkit Samrat’s Confession is Disgusting

2016 is not so good for Bollywood couples and this guy along with his costar went ahead to fake love for the sake of film promotions. What’s shocking is the fact that he even had the guts to accept it.

sanam re cast pulkit yami Whaaat! Pulkit Samrat Is Faking His Relationship With Yami Gautam?

This makes us wonder, whether the film will see good numbers or will it backfire now that Pulkit has confessed about fooling the audience. No wonder, we are highly agitated by this whole story. How can some people use “love” for business?

Divya Khosla Kumar Too Fooled The Viewers By Stating that Pulkit and Yami are a real life couple

Strangely, Divya Khosla Kumar ridiculed that their affair is for film promotions, she had said to Filmfare that,

If I could take a risk with five newcomers in Yaariyan and make it a hit then why would I do this for publicity with my second movie? That’s not my filmmaking philosophy. In fact a television channel had approached us with the idea of playing Yami and Pulkit’s real life affair all day in their channel because it will give required footage to the movie. When my department suggested that to me, I completely put my foot down. That’s because I don’t agree with it. It’s not a publicity stunt. The media is writing about it because the power of pen is not in our hands. The media is writing what they want to – we have not fed them these stories.

divya khosla kumar yami gautam Whaaat! Pulkit Samrat Is Faking His Relationship With Yami Gautam?

Wow, people just blame media for everything even when they create the rumors to get attention. Anyways, now that we know it was a fake story, we are eager to know if Pulkit’s divorce reports with wife Shweta Rohira is a promotional gimmick as well? What do you guys think?

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