Raj (Karan V Grover) and Sarita (Srishty Rode) are married from past ten years and still have not consummated their marriage. Raj is now busy looking a groom for his wife so that she can live life happily and can start life afresh. The reason – Well, Raj loves another girl Divya (Rubina Dilaik) who left him to become a TV actor and now wants to marry her. Oh yes, she is back in the town! Sarita is obliging Raj’s wish because she loves Raj and wants to see him happy. Besides, Raj only married Sarita under parental pressures and the poor girl had no idea about it.

1x1.trans Punar Vivah 2   Ek Nayi Umeed   A Review

A new serial with a sad story and everyone seem to be praising Zee TV’s Punar Vivah 2. Well done story tellers! But how long? With the idea of remarriage the audience may now take a fresh breath in terms of character. However, it certainly doesn’t mean that it is devoid of the truism that haunts the Indian daily soaps. If you see the soap in terms of the plot, you’ll actually find the entire theme bizarre. The reason being, this story is not of remarriage but more of ex-lovers reconciling their love and differences. The selfish husband wants his old flame back so he is looking for a groom to get the lady out. This is no “mahanta” but pure self-interest unlike the season one of Punar Vivah starring Gurmeet Choudhury which actually portrayed the real essence of Remarriage.

Silly, outrageous and absurd, this story in the name of remarriage is only misleading the viewers who actually are looking for some hope. However, the story tellers are in no mood to attempt their hands in sketching the fundamental nature of remarriage. They are busy illustrating meaningless scenes. In one of the episode, the selected groom, a so called NRI dude who gets ready to marry Sarita demands her virginity test. Can you digest that an Indian-American who is ready to marry a married woman demanding the virginity test? Totally absurd!

The title of the serial goes Punar Vivah..Ek Nayi Umeed – making us think how re-marriages can be a hope but in reality the remarriage attempt in the show is totally unnecessary and pointless. The hero is of course a moron to go for an old flame who left him 10 years ago. Besides, he is no “mahan” unlike Vanraj (Ajay Devgan) in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam who sacrificed his love when he realizes that his wife (Aishwarya Rai) is in love with another man (Salman Khan).

There are “n” number of questions which makes the Punar Vivaah 2 even more misleading

Why on earth did Sarita, the estranged wife wait for 10 whole years to decipher that she and her hubby had no future together? She should have left her husband way before, isn’t it? But no the “mahan patni” sustained her loveless marriage and never thought of moving out of it. Well, seems that her Eureka moment was on hold for all these years. Besides, the television show illustrates that Raj married Sarita under family pressures but I am yet to figure out that how come there were no pressures to have children all these years? I mean a decade is a long time. Also, what about Sarita’s family? She comes from an influential and wealthy family so how is it possible that they never poked their nose in this affair of their damad for all these years. Lastly, why does the girlfriend expect her lover to wait for her when she left without any explanation or notice? And the lover also drools seeing her ex flame back.

My one final question is – Is it possible for a guy to hold back his natural urge for as long as ten years when he already has a wife who is trying best to woo him constantly? Ahha, seems like the makers are in the process of showing the protagonist as not a purush…. but a maha purush!

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