Something is definitely wrong with Indian transport system, and quite unarguably this time with Punjab that definitely makes a traveller weary and irritated!

“When travelling, take large dose of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee.” – I with a straight face have decided to follow this croon.

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Not long ago , during my journey towards a city in the northwest part of Punjab , I realised that it’s definitely not easy to travel in the Punjab Roadways bus and with all my brashness I can say that I have loads of reasons to it. Breaking the ice with the sick as dog facilities where there were fractured windows and making your way to your seat is as laborious as nailing jelly to a tree. The absolute journey of 7 hours was so god-awful that it let slip from memory, the oomph to meet my cousins after a long gap.  

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Coupled with this, were the little ones who as trespassers breezed inside the bus to beg for monetary favours from the passengers by repeating their personal history till the time they got enough of it.

While on the other hand, there were kids with their parents  , who felt too supreme to bombard anything , at any place they felt like , making the bus all the more stinky with the cookie wraps , wafer packets , the left-over and what not! 

Their not dangerous How Things Are  A Brief Review of Punjab Transport

People around could have guessed by now that I was naive at this. One can easily be acquainted by the fact that it’s a government bus, as 70% of its interior was rusted and the seats to settle were done on the sly by the half torn leather sheets. As an addition to the unpleasantness was the coach person who thought of that ordinary bus as a Ferrari , driving which with a great promptness he could wind up to the destination.

After a tough effort of settling down into the discomfort, a halt was marked by taking a blunt turn near some faded farm side and the reason being that a little kid in bittersweet coloured short-pants wanted to take a leak. With almost fifteen minutes thrown away, the Ferrari burned up the road again.

Covering the half way, next stoppage was “PAPPU DA DHABA” where all the passengers were delighted to have eatables suited to their needs. After almost 25 minutes, it was time to say goodbye to the dhabha the bus moved further, with some people running behind to catch it. Over and above they were successful.

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Along these lines, I covered the entire paining journey and became conscious of the fact that a lot needs to be done by the higher power responsible for transportation management because more than half of the people still are dependent on the public transport for their travel and tour purpose. Authorities need to wonder about providing the best, as long as it is in their hands.

By Ravisha Ranga

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