There is more to Punjabi food  than parathas. Find out what  you have been missing out on ….This is going to make you hungry!

Sarso Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti 

This all time classic is food for the soul. Piping hot saag accompanied with thick crunchy makki roti drenched in pure white butter is sure to melt in your mouth.  A bite of jaggery after a few mouthfuls is delightful! 


sarson ka saag makai roti jaggery Punjabi Food To Die For


Arbi Ki Sabzi

A dry, tangy and spicy Punjabi  dish which is mostly relished with phulkas. There are ways to prepare this  – dry arbi ki sabzi, dahi arbi ki sabzi and gravy walli arbi ki sabzi. But, no matter which dish you try to make, the arbi is first boiled and then mixed with masala. .

Sukhi Arbi Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For

Khoya Mattar Makahana

Rich Punjabi curry made with peas, fox nuts (makhana) and khoya (evaporated milk). The creamy texture and nutty flavour of makhana is a must try.

Khoya Mattar Makhana Punjabi Food To Die For

Lobia Masala

This thick curry of black eyed peas is delicious and nourishing especially in winter when eaten hot.

Lobia Masala Black Eyed Peas Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For

Amritsari Chhole

Bursting with the falvours of coriander, cinnamon, black cardamom and pomegranate seeds this classic hits the spot when scooped up with a bhatura. Onions and pickle on the side and you have a bit of heaven!! 

Chole Bhatura Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For


Baingan Ka Bharta 

Smoked aubergines hardly sounds Punjabi leave alone an Indian dish – but this delicacy is an all time Punjabi favourite. It is unparalleled in its style of preparation and taste. 

Baingan Bharta Smoked Aubergines Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For



 Mooli Ki Bhurji 

This is a special Punjabi dish. Mooli sauteed in mustard oil and spiced with green chillies and ajwain; accompanied with phulka or paratha makes a nourishing breakfast. 

Mooli Bhurji Punjabi Food1 Punjabi Food To Die For


Kadhi Pakoda

Punjabis go gaga about Kadhi. Made up of thick creamy yoghurt and besan (gramflour), and seasoned with spices, Kadhi tastes best with boiled rice. Addition of onion pakodas makes the taste exceptionally delicious. Kadhi has to be cooked for minimum 30 minutes for that typical Punjabi flavor.

Punjabi Food Dahi Pakoda Kadi Punjabi Food To Die For



 Dal Makhani

No one can resist the temptation of this buttery, smooth, and  creamy preparation. Coupled with naan or laccha paratha is a meal fit for a King or Queen!  It is made with whole black urad dal and rajma (red kidney beans) with a lot of butter, fresh cream and tomatoes. It is cooked on a slow flame for more than an hour to bring out the flavours fully. 

Dal Makhani Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For


Aloo Wadiyan

Wadiyan are undoubtedly the most Punjabi of all foods.They are very spicy and made of urad daal (lentils). They are a great source of protein. Usually wadis are broken into small pieces and sauteed in oil and simmered in an aloo curry. Wadi can also be added to several vegetables and pulao. 

Dal Wadi Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For

Dal Tadka 

The humble lentil rises to culinary greatness with the magic of a ghee fried tadka. A must in every Punjabi home. 

Dal Tadka Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For

Aloo Gobhi

Aloo Gobhi is a flavorful vegetarian dish made with potatoes and cauliflower, seasoned with typical Indian spices and infused with ingredients such as ginger, green chillies and garlic. Garam Masala and mango powder boosts the flavor of this sabzi. 

Aloo Gobi Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For


Gajar Ka Halwa

The king of Punjabi dessert is  caramelized gajar – slow cooked for hours till the milk and carrots merge into a powerhouse of sweet goodness. Who knew a vegetable could satisfy sweet cravings. 

Gajar Ka Halwa Punjabi Food To Die For


Amritsari Kulcha 

No, its not a naan – Curd and baking soda is used to leaven this yummy bread. It can be made in a tandoor or a tava. Its best eaten with chhole or even just as a snack with tea. Now who wouldn’t want a fresh baked one right out of the tandoor at tea time. This calls for a trip to the holy city of Ambarsar! 

Amritsari Kulcha Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For


Take the name of any vegetable and Punjabis pickle it!  Gajar, Ghobi, Shalgam, Muli, Mirchi, Lassan and Nimbu are some of the most common pickles. They are also experts at making tasty and mouth-watering ‘Chicken Ka Aachar.’

Nimbu Ka Achar 2 Punjabi Food Punjabi Food To Die For


Punjabi Lassi 

Once you break thru the thick malai on top the sweet churned curd is the most amazing of drinks.  When served in an earthen mug it evokes feelings of being one with the rich traditions of village life in Punjab.

Sweet Punjabi Lassi Kulhad Punjabi Food To Die For

Kada Prashad

Who doesn’t like the yummy Kada Prashad. The ghee drowned dessert  melts  in the mouth within a few seconds. While, suji halwa and sewaiyan might be a hit, nothing can beat the holy Kada Prashad, made either at the  Gurudwara or a Punjabi neighbor next door. Its always a treat!!!

kada prasad Punjabi Food To Die For





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