An individual states his or her opinion and the politicians around shout intolerance. Aren’t the politicians themselves intolerant and not the speakers?

With elections just round the corner, every political party suddenly seems to have their views on anything and everything.  Having views, opinions should never be a concern, however, imposing your views on others and forcing them to follow it is a concern.

There’s fear of everything in the air. Though the whole country was in favour of the Modi government until 2015, today there is definitely a fear in people. We are yet to figure out the ‘achhe din’ from ‘asli din’.

Right from changing/ liking a status to eating what you want to, is all being scrutinized. Who gives the political leaders this right? I voted them for my security and progress surely not to die with fear. Yes, we understand controlling people is a rightful agenda of political parties, but is curbing all opinions other than theirs’ right?

The point today is not whether Aamir Khan or shah Rukh Khan says anything, but its more about an individual having any opinion and the political parties taking this as an opportunity to show their dislike towards a particular sect.

shahrukh sadhvi IS SPEAKING UP WRONG?

Is this move by political parties by having a say on an actors’ personal view, in itself intolerance? Why should anybody scrutinize my personal view? Had these leaders scrutinized the number of votes and analyzed the publics’ view rightly, the country would’ve truly progressed!

tolerance intolerance1 IS SPEAKING UP WRONG?

I feel absurd and totally disgruntled reading different comments by the political leaders. As a lay man, whom do I go to and complain? People in power talk about urinating in fields? Leaders say farmers’ are on drugs and that’s the reason for suicide? Police assaults on common man is becoming an ugly leitmotif. Moral policing is leaving a bad residue on people.

I wish to know where tolerance in the above statements is? Forget tolerance, there’s some dignity that these leaders in power need to learn. People in power can NOT say or do anything. As a free citizen, I will not and am not supposed to take this! As a voter, I am doing a mercy on those leaders and it’s not the other way round.

By Aishwarya Iyer

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