One after another, Congress kept hitting India with scams, making our nation hollow. Over and over, parliament is disrupted. Is there any answer to these?

Message: I have been watching the Indian Socio political drama for quiet some time now and particularly since Mr Modi took over as P.M.
During Congress rule, there have been instances when BJP has not allowed smooth functioning of the government now when BJP is in Power, we are all aware what is happening inside the Temple of democracy.

I would like someone like India Opines to conduct a survey across India and ask some basic questions like.

1. Have we sent our representatives to the Parliament as X BJP ,Y Congress ,Z Left representatives or we have sent them as 547 India representatives?

2. Should any one MP be paid for the day when there is no work conducted in the Parliament?
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3. Should the cost incurred for conducting the parliament be recovered from the 547 inmates for the day there is no work done?

4. Should there be a National survey conducted (like census) for important bills like GST which will have a bearing on the decision to be taken by the parliament?
5. Is the Constitution Of India as much relevant today as it was 66 years back?

6. Is it possible for us to send 547 representatives to the Parliament who will work as one team?
Parliament India   A Political Party
7. Is it possible to have an official KRA ( Yearly Report Card) for the Government which someone would measure as Plan vs. Actual.( Budget, i guess being only the Plan part)?

8. Are our T.V. news channels being responsible enough when they are exploiting our so called democracy during their debates by deliberately choosing controversial panels and thereby giving undue importance to factions of National Sensitivity?

media sold1 India   A Political Party

9. Should I pay taxes when i know that some of it will be buried under coal, some will get invisible with Telecom band width and so on?
maaalamaal congress India   A Political Party
10. Should I pay taxes when I know there is no social security for me after retirement, no medical security,etc. etc?

11.Should I pay taxes when I see it all getting drained because of the government inefficiencies?

12. Who is number one responsible for many fold increase in land prices?
a) Politicians. b) Bureaucrats c) Common Man d) Real Growth

13. Who is number one responsible for many religious unrest in the country?
a) Politicians. b) Our form Of Democracy c) Common Man d) Religious Organisations.

14. What is the primary attraction of most of the Politicians to join Politics.
a) To be of service to the nation b) To get undue favours (like Lands in the name of NGO’s). c) To generate and covert Black Money
India Politics Business India   A Political Party
15. Who is the Primarily responsible the condition of India vis a vis countries like Singapore ……..
a) Our Political System b) Politicians who have ruled since independence c) Common Man d) Our tolerance to meritocracy.

I would like like minded people to add/ delete on the above questionnaire so that some meaningful process could be initiated after the survey is / if conducted.

By Suyash Razdan

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