Who is the quintessential Delhi girl whom people have stereotyped in YouTube videos and in the present day social media websites? Does she actually exist?

The real question, Who is the quintessential Delhi girl whom people have stereotyped in YouTube videos and in the present day social media websites? Does she actually exist?

The video, “Every Delhi girl in the world”, which went viral a few weeks back is not only despicable but is an attempt to defame the Delhi girl.

I have always been taught to appreciate diversity and learn from it but I think people get more pleasure in making fun of this diversity rather than learning or appreciating it. Just like any other city, where people come from various small cities and from different backgrounds, Delhi has always been a hub for people wanting to live a better life. So, what we breed is an eclectic mix of people from all over India.

In this mélange, we have girls who are ambitious and talented working and on the other hand there are girls who are rich spoilt brats enjoying their life by blowing away this money for a bag or a pair of shoes. But, can you stereotype such extremes? Absolutely not!!

There is not one defined image, which you can portray to describe a Delhi girl. In comparison to other cities, Delhi girls might be a bit glitzier but definitely not ratchet and for that that you can blame the Punjabi Delhi culture, which we are proud to be a part of.

delhi girl The Quintessential Delhi Girl

Having lived in Delhi for almost 25 years, I have come across a lot of girls who live without an ambition or motto and their task in life is to spend money. On the other hand, there are girls who work in their family business or go for higher studies or are involved with their entrepreneurial ventures.

There is a wide spectrum and there are two extremes to this spectrum. So, one can say that Delhi girls are not what you see in these mind less videos which just talk about cars and clubbing and brands. Yes, we do have a bunch of freaks that are as mindless as the girl portrayed in the video but which city doesn’t.

If you have a population of over 20 million in one city, how can you make a stereoptype by looking at a bunch of girls? So, stereotyping the Delhi girl with just those particular traits is something I would not agree with. There is a pool of talented, smart and fearless females who set examples for others and are proud be called Delhi girls rather than shying away from it.

proud delhi girls The Quintessential Delhi Girl

The video. “ Every Delhi girl in the world “, also tried to portray the lack of fluent English speaking skills, which again aims to create a wrong stereotype. Firstly, it’s not our mother tongue so please keep your judgments aside when the pronunciations are not absolutely correct.

Secondly, your language is a direct reflection of your high school’s teaching standards, your upbringing at home, your friends and mainly your own efforts to polish your verbal skills. It’s true that some people are not that blessed to have the upmost educational experience but that doesn’t mean that we pick up those dummies as examples to create stereotypes.

rakhi sawant The Quintessential Delhi Girl

We all preach the great saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But, when it comes to making judgments, you roll your eyes from tip to toe and form great conclusions. A well-dressed girl carrying an expensive bag doesn’t make her a dumb blonde; it means that she has some descent dressing etiquettes.

She could be a manager at a finance firm or could be a chartered Accountant or even just a rich superficial female but what do you know about her background. Every city has different types of people from varied backgrounds. From east to west and from north to south, every part of Delhi has its own mini culture, which cannot be compared.

delhi girl india The Quintessential Delhi Girl

So, when you see a well-dressed Delhi girl, may be learning from her fashion sense is better than making assumptions and drawing conclusions from her outer appearance. And after all this, if Delhi girls are called shallow and plastic, the hypocrites really do need a reality check.

By: Vidhi Sagar

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