Revealed – Ten quirky ways to curb overeating! Now Release yourself from the guilt of overeating.

Do you know how Japanese women maintain healthy skins and weight? They eat until they are 80% full. Queer isn’t it, but quite possible. 

hara hachi bu over eating Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

According to Wikipedia, “Overeating is the consumption of excess food in relation to the energy that an organism expends (or expels via excretion), leading to weight gain and often obesity. It may be regarded as an eating disorder.” Scary! But there ARE ways in which you can stop your hands from grabbing that extra pound of chocolate cake.  

Eat when your stomach starts talking: 

You have to identify when you are really hungry and when it is just a craving. When you are truly hungry, your stomach will speak to you (with a gentle growling) but when you are craving, it is your emotions that are doing all the talking. We eat for energy needs. We overeat for emotional needs. Detach food and emotions and you have the right balance. 

hungry quirky food tip Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Drink plenty of water before eating:  

Your stomach will be 20% full already so there you go, only 80% left. The best part is that water hardly contains calorie so you can gulp down as many gallons as you want.  

Drink plenty of water1 Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Use smaller utensils: 

The plates and bowls that you serve food into have to be small. When you put smaller portions into a large plate, you will feel that you are eating less. On the contrary, smaller plates will appear to be full. So you eat less without thinking that you are. 

 plates overeating Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Take smaller bites: 

There is no competition to see who can open their mouths wider. So be civilized and take smaller bites. You will look decent as well.  

quirky ways curb over eating Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Chew a lot: 

Chew the food slowly and for a longer time, even if you are eating porridge. Digestion starts in your mouth itself so it is also medically healthy to do so. Eat nice and slow. Take your time even if you miss the last train. 

A very long bite Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Give a brake to the cutlery: 

You take a spoon, put the food in then slowly let the spoon rest. Do not fill it up before the food in your mouth has been chewed properly and gulped down. 

Put your spoon down between each bite Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Keep the extra food away from dining table: 

You may have cooked or ordered more than you can handle but tuck them away from where you are dining. Otherwise you will end up eating more than your share. 

Family Dinner Cartoon over eating Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Munch on sprouts: 

Sprouts are healthy but not so tasty. When you eat food items like this, you wouldn’t want to eat more. Even if you end up eating more than a handful, it will do you no harm. 

Sprout salad Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Keep your belly almost full when going out: 

The common thing which most of us do is that whenever we have to go out to eat, either to a restaurant (someone else is paying) or a party, we starve ourselves so that we can eat all that we want. This is a recipe for disaster. Eat healthy before you go out so that there’s no room for more.  

mouth filled with food Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Take your time: 

Whenever you fell like eating, even if you have just had a plate of pasta, ask yourself if you are really hungry. Think of all the hard-work you put in the entire week or day in order to keep yourself away from the temptations. Are you going to waste it all? Keep pondering until the urge goes away. It will eventually.

stop curb overeating Ten Quirky Ways to Curb Overeating

Remember, overeating happens not because you are a bit too hungry. It has more to do with emotional eating than need of the body. So trick your brain into thinking that you are eating more than enough. Release yourself from the guilt of overeating. 

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By: Parmita Dubey

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