Know about sex parties of Radhe Maa in the name of satsangs. Also, know about the racket where Radhe Maa & her agents approach models…

Misfortune never comes alone” is a well-known adage which humans have been experiencing from time immemorial. While, it remains true to every human being on earth, it suits best to almost all the godmen and godwomen in our country – The Land of Baba(s) and the so called Maata(s).

radhe maa arshi khan Is Radhe Maa Running a Sex Racket?

In the current scenario the adage suits best to Radhe Maa – The Lady Asaram who is bombarded with accusations after every alternate day. No wonder, a life of sin ends sooner or later!

Well, after Dolly Bindra filed a case against Radhe Maa accusing her of sexual harassment, we now have a model who has alleged the self-proclaimed godwoman of running a prostitution racket. In a shocking twist, model Arshi Khan who came out in the open about her physical intimacy with Pakistani Cricket Shahid Afridi accused Radhe Maa of running a sex racket.

“Radhe Maa Approached Me to Join Her Sex Racket” ~ Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan is quite a trending name these days. The model turned actress who was dating Shahid Afridi recently told reporters how Radhe Maa through her business agent offered her to join the sex racket. What’s more Arshi alleged that the agent persuaded to join and even made obscene comments on her over the phone. After her complaints, Arshi Khan is alleging that she is now getting threatening calls from Radhe Maa followers.

radhe maa sex racket Is Radhe Maa Running a Sex Racket?

Satsang, Sex Aur Dharm Ke Naam Pe Dhoka

Arshi Khan is not the first person to complain about Radhe Maa’s sexual activites. The first person to come out in the open to expose Radhe Maa was her ex follower turned protestor Dolly Bindra who complained how she under the pretext of satsang was forced to have sex with other male devotees.

She also gave details about obscene activities and sexual orgies that are conducted by Radhe Maa urf Sukhvinder Singh.  Very recently the Mumbai police also registered a FIR against the godwoman  and her followers based on a complaint filed by Dolly Bindra.

dolly bindra radhe maa Is Radhe Maa Running a Sex Racket?

As per ACP Fateh Singh Patil, An offence under Section 294, Section 354, Section 506(2), Section 109, Section 120 B has been registered against Radhe Maa, and her associates – Sanjiv Gupta, Chotti Maa, Talli Baba, Bhupendra and others based on TV actress Dolly Bindra’s complaint at the Borivali police station.

“Radhe Maa Conducted Sex Parties” – Kapil Arora

Not just Arshi Khan and Dolly Bindra even Fashion designer Kapil Arora, a former Radhe Maa devotee came out in the open and claimed that the godwoman held sex parties. He also said to the press how Radhe Maa sexually exploited his 24 year old cousin.

radhe maa romancing Is Radhe Maa Running a Sex Racket?

No wonder the controversial godwoman made headline across the country after pictures of her posing in miniskirt went viral on the social media after which a Mumbai based lawyer Falguni Bramhabhatt sued Radhe Maa urf Sukvinder Kaur for performing “vulgar dance” during spiritual gatherings. The lawyer also had alleged that Radhe Maa would even hug and kiss her followers and claimed that in one such gatherings the male followers were touching her private parts.

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