Arnab needs to give due importance to the Aam Aadmi Party and to its spokesperson Raghav Chadha – He needs to give up his biases and have impartial debates

Dear Raghav,

Please read this mail in one go open it only when you have some chilled out time to go thru it!

You’ll recall my cell call yesterday and here are some of the points I bore in my heart, especially with reference to your appearances in Times Now !

arnab goswami and raghav chadha on times now An Open e mail to Raghav Chadha of the AAP !

Coming straight to the point I wish you articulate your debates in the following straight jacket wherein you snub and very confidently so, dare into, to put any BJP or Congress spokesperson : Excuse yourself 1st with Arnab Goswami and tell him that … with the least sense of immodesty you wish to submit that you feel very belittled when you confront either of these reps. of these parties. Its obvious their rancour against us clearly shows in all these spokespersons day in and day out and along with you together shout me down!

One holds only 3 MLA’s in the assembly and the other one stands fully decimated! In other words “though vanquished still arguing” ! Now, first ‘n foremost please request Nalin / Samvit / to bring down their decibels to 3db and its time Congress’ Tom whatever / Sanjay Jha etc. should whisper in 0 db … it is only me who can legitimately shout out at 67 db & literally do so but I won’t, as my background is not such that I will shout even when it’s a known record of a rotten history! We have a glorious record of a win due to a Phoenix in the name of my leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal rising from the dust so to say and he has been fighting tooth and nail for a corruption free system and that’s what I stand for, so if I face people with the most dubious of history and records I feel below my dignity to shout back or even reply to such goons! Our not coming to Times Now or Kejriwal ji’s not coming is mainly due to this factor! How can you shout down a person with a great record and not allow him to speak or shout him down and not allow the truth to prevail !

Remind Arnab, we like your ad tremendously in which you say : “We must shout out loud and clear on matters of corruption and make these leaders uncomfortable as they do not like when you shout out on matters relating to their inherent weaknesses” !

Tell Arnab do we have to accept that you are only a verbose of words as otherwise we have never seen you praising my leader tooth and nail like the way you do to your own aggrandizement, taking all praise unto you that you have brought about a revolution of sorts in this country … well you have like any other arm chair communist! My “nidar” leader is out their on the roads and streets of Delhi and India! Imagine if you start praising all of my leaders’ great / good qualities ’n work he is doing at break neck speed in Delhi – just think about the repercussions it would have on other states all over the country. We will have healthy competition and India can become a good looking place to live in, but you have never focused on not even one of his so many great works he is doing along with a host of his other lieutenants, yet no words of praise from you! Do introspect and delve deep within to see where you are going wrong! You can see what impact it is having on the great Narendra Modi Govt. They talk of a corruption free government yet they want to put the police out of the ambit of anti-corruption bureau / vigilance.

One year is too short a period of time … they will talk sweetly for 5 years and ask for another 5 years and it will only be the 2nd 5 year stint that all corruption will begin and they will make money like double that of Congress in the process 2nd set of ten years will be lost! You can jolly well see what a thug of a war / tug of war is going on between our leader / the Lt. Gov. / Centre ’n the President and you know what are the legal luminaries saying! Why can’t you do something really constructive by calling the PM to your studios and ask him what he is doing on granting of full statehood to Delhi which is at the root of huge corruption for donkey number of years! Why are all good people like you not talking on such an important subject are you all “mili bhagats of achche din for 10%”??

Who has the heart to even talk to Congress! Huge no. of suicides went on in Congress time no one talked of it ! Suicides continued unabated in 100 days of Modi sirkaar / no reactions; only when it happens in a pro – farmer rally organized by my chief we have to cry to the media not to politicize it !! But why do you wish to side the party who have politicians whose son kills a Jessica ? They killed a Safdar Hashmi / they killed most heinously Naina Sahani famous as the Tandoori murder case ! They massacred Sikhs / the great BJP has its own dark record of mass murders, most heinous yet none of them are talked about Mr. Goswami & how do we even talk about or even tolerate one representative of the erstwhile Congress who kills D. K. Ravi a great civil servant with a chief minister running from pillar to post to hush up the case most unabashedly, why / why Mr. Goswami you turn a blind eye ??

Venkaiah Naidu has the cheeks to say Kejriwal is uncivilized ! How civilized is he to use such a word on the greatest political figure of our times ! Why / why on earth should an Arvind Kejriwal be under played !! Biggest Liars / Jumlaybaazez are being protected and projected and the low lying honest hard core hard working duty bound guy is being handed over Gazette circulations and ignored by the media and indulging in only Kejri bashing! How dare Venkaiah say the Delhi CM is trying to divert attention from his failure to deliver … which is the failure which he alone can selectively see which no one else can !! And Mr. Goswami you too support it ?? Why what’s going on ?? Can you not see the huge promises being converted into realities ! Just because you are not reporting it … does it seize to be a great news! You deliberately underplay our great strides in leaps and bounds, you cry foul every where against the AAP, just to give a bad name to the dog and hang it ! Don’t forget that a God is over seeing from above ‘n a time will come when all accounts will be settled very appropriately, make no mistakes !

And ending this list of the contentious issues and now for the most contentious one  – how can you call the greatest fraud of a party on the television to attend a debate; I feel nauseated at their very mentioning. The Congress are the biggest thugs of India – they killed our National Hero and floated a cheats theory that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose died in an air crash ! They put a surveillance on the family members and suppressed truth for years – a political hara-kiri which they managed for years and no wonder it muddled the fibre of the whole political set up where everything is politics and everything is really very very dirty politics indeed!!

So all Venkaiah’s / Sidiramaiyah’s / chamchaaz of the the Gandhi’s / the Soniaz / andh bhakts of Modi’s – don’t eulogies persons who aren’t great after all – you can leave a real threat of a ‘D’ guy in hibernation for years in Pakistan and you can call Bhagat Singh / Rajguru / Sukhdev as terrorists !

Mr. Goswami after saying all this, if you still have any Patriotism left in you, you will openly defy your sponsors and espouse the cause of Arvind Kejriwal before it is too late … these Hindu fanatics are making a fool of you by calling you names like the “Baazaaroo” and “Presstitute” and they are deliberately undermining Kejriwal’s huge efforts at trying to get back this country from its ruined past !!

By Indraneel Mukherjee

P.S. This mail is here as this thought needs circulation and Raghav is a well bred thorough gentleman and may not cover all the points due to political compulsions or overstepping his inherent grace! Do revert, I will be waiting for your kind reply by a return e-mail ! Thanks n God bless!

And Arnab – Enough of your Modi Modi Modi news lets shift to Raghav Raghav Raghav for a change ! 

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