Ragini to get engaged to somebody else in Swaragini?

Swaragini is going through a lot of ups and downs in the serial. While, the Maheshwaris are suffering at the hands of the newly wedded wife of Laksh, Mrs. Kavya Maheshwari, the Gadodias are facing turmoil all because of the sudden decision of Laksh marrying her. They have even disowned Swara because she entered the Maheshwari house breaking the promise of Shekhar.

However, the Gadodia family is not going to stoop this time. Neither they are ready to reconcile with Maheshwari, nor are they ready to see Ragini spoiling her life by sitting in their own house. This is the reason why the family has taken an important decision now.

Ragini to Get Engaged to Another Guy in Swaragini

After all this drama of Laksh, the Gadodias want Ragini to settle down. This is the reason why they have planned Ragini’s engagement. Yes, Ragini will now get engaged to another guy in the serial. Though it will be difficult for her, Ragini will have to take his step as it is the only thing that her family wants from her now.

Will Ragini Get Ready?

Though it is a tough decision but it seems that Ragini will have to do this, not for herself but at least for her family. Her family cannot see her in pain and this is the reason why they want her to settle down soon. For her parents’ happiness, she will perhaps get ready. No wonder, we have some promo videos where she is seen alongside her potential groom to be.

ragini swaragini Ragini to Get Engaged With Another Guy in Swaragini?

Will Swara be Able to Stop This Engagement?

Swara knows that Ragini still loves Lakshya and this engagement will only bring her more pain. However, right know she has nothing that can save Ragini from this engagement. This makes us wonder whether Swara will convince Laksh to stop Ragini. However, the question is why will Laksh stop this as he is happy with his newly wedded wife Kavya and is ready to go to any extent to defend her and even make her happy. However, the groom’s family themselves will not be ready for this alliance as they will see Ragini’s previous engagement ring on her finger.

swaragini swara ragini Ragini to Get Engaged With Another Guy in Swaragini?

Will Laksh Understand His Mistake and Accept Ragini Ever?

Laksh’s love changed Ragini completely. The girl once again became a simple girl and shed her vamp image after she realized Laksh too is in love with her. However, Laksh being furious about her act simply wanted a revenge from her. This is the reason why he arranged for a re-marriage where he could wipe-swap and marry Kavya instead. Though this incident has changed everything in Swaragini we are sure a new twist is awaiting. Hopefully, an angle where Kavya turned out to be a bitch and Lakshya is saved once again by Swaragini – Swara and Ragini. This will definitely make him realize his mistake and also unite him with Ragini.

lakshya ragini new Ragini to Get Engaged With Another Guy in Swaragini?

This is the only possibility we can think of right now. However, we are not aware what the writers are upto. Let’s see if there is any logical angle or the writers are all set to let Ragini marry another guy in the serial.

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