Swaragini Spoiler Alert! Ragini will be seen in Jail

Swaragini serial is going through a rough patch where almost everybody is suffering from something or the other problem. Both the families are under pressure due to all the latest issues surrounding them, post Laksh’s marriage with the evil Kavya.

While Laksh has realized his mistakes, Ragini’s family is eager to get Ragini married to another guy. Yes, Dadi has vowed that she will get Ragini married in 15 days. However, Ragini along with Swara is keen to save Lakshya from his problems.

RAGINI SWARAGINI1 Ragini to be Jailed in Swaragini?

Ragini Will Meet Lakshya in Jail

Its time for some shocking twist in Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ drama Swaragini and this drama is making us wonder about the imagination of the creative team. Well, we already know that Lakshya is in jail for killing Kavya. However, much to our surprise, he will be able to get out of the problem.

swaragini ragini Ragini to be Jailed in Swaragini?

Wondering, how? According to the sources, upon witnessing Lakshya in trouble, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) will give up her happiness and will try to help Lakshya. She would try her best to help him. This is when she will secretly enter the jail. Yes, the girl will not only enter jail but also meet Lakhya in person.

Ragini Will Come in Disguise

However. Ragini will not come to jail to meet Lakshya but to help him to get out of the jail. So, she’ll be entering the jail in disguise as Sanskar. Yes, we will see Ragini in totally different avatar wearing wigs and semi formals which Sanskar usually wears.

lakshya kavya swaragini Ragini to be Jailed in Swaragini?

Buzz is Ragini will stay in the jail and Lakshya will be out. Yes, Ragini will then be inside the jail disguised as Lakshya, so that the young man will goes out to find out the truth about Kavya and her master plan. The story is quite fascinating, isn’t it? No wonder, the acting of Ragini will be amazing too.

Will Ragini Be Caught?

Doesn’t look like somebody will realize it is Ragini and not Lakshya because that would make the serial a little boring, we all love adventure, don’t we? So, it is ur assumption the girl won’t be caught until Lakshya returns with some solid proof against Kavya. Even Swara has been working on it and together they can get some hints. So, we assume, Ragini will not be caught while saving Lakshya from the police.

swaragini Ragini to be Jailed in Swaragini?

We love how Ragini is going out of the box to save Lakshya’s life. No wonder, she loves Lakshya. However, her dedication towards him is simply amazing. We just hope this time the efforts do not get waste. Perhaps, it is finally the time to re-unite Ragini and Lakshya. Will they be together this time? Or Dadi once again will turn out to be villain – What do you think?

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