At the birth anniversary of Pt Nehru, Rahul Gandhi addressed the Congress Conclave. He chose to speak of irrelevancies rather than issues that really matter

Can We Concentrate on Some Real Issues Mr. Rahul Gandhi?rahul gandhi nehru conclave PTI 650 क्या बोलती तू Says Rahul Gandhi

  1. Yesterday the Congress kicked off the celebrations of the 125th birth anniversary of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru with a Congress Conclave in New Delhi. On the occasion, Rahul Gandhi took to the podium to address the gathering and spoke about the importance of English in India, remarking that “angry people are running the country and trying to ban English”. He spoke of the importance of the language to remain connected to the rest of the world and how there would be no IIT and no IT in India without it. (Source – NDTV)
  2. The great grandson of Pt Nehru also took the opportunity to speak of the photo-ops created by the ruling party; how the BJP was cleaning roads and painting houses on the one hand while spreading poison on the other.
  3. Predictably the BJP responded to the statements made by Rahul Gandhi by taking umbrage at the remarks made about Hindi and English, claiming that the Congress leader had “insulted” the Hindi language, saying that “It seems the Congress will hate whatever Mr Modi likes…like the Hindi language. Rahul Gandhi has opposed Hindi.”
  4. This petty squabbling and jousting for brownie points on irrelevant issues has long been the bane of our politics. Rather than concentrating on real issues that directly impact governance and the quality of life that people enjoy, our politicians have always concerned themselves with non-issues and with taking offence at imagined slights.
  5. While Rahul Gandhi should have spoken of issues such as development he chose to target the ruling party and to level accusations. And while the BJP could have chosen to ignore what can be perceived as petty nit-picking, it chose to go on a counter attack saying that Rahul Gandhi’s entire life has been a series of photo-ops.
  6. Alas for the citizens of India, people on either side of the political divide take their roles all to seriously. Those in the Opposition tend to take their roles all too literally, feeling that it is their bounden duty to oppose all that the ruling party does. This is how it was when the BJP was in the opposition and refused to allow normal functioning of the parliament, and this is how it is today when the Congress is in the opposition and feels that they have to criticize everything that the ruling party does.
  7. Certainly it is a sign of a healthy democracy to have a voluble opposition that points out the faults of the ruling party. But how about offering some constructive criticism for a change? How about lending a hand and contributing to positive initiatives and projects that are going to benefit the nation and its citizens?
  8. Instead of saying something that is tantamount to क्या बोलती तू , how about saying something more positive and more constructive Mr. Gandhi?

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