Rahul Gandhi continues to fixate on…Narendra Modi, Gujarat 2002 Riots, RSS, VHP, Nathuram Godse, Assassination of Gandhi Ji?

What is important for Rahul Gandhi – What are his priorities ? 1947 history? Or 21st Century India positioning? He has been misleading his poor, gullible audience who are more worried about Dal Roti on their plates NOT who killed Mahatma Gandhi 60-65 years back ? It’s time, Grow-up Rahul Gandhi and stop rewriting history. Why are you dodging the main issues of this country and What did YOU and YOUR Congress achieve in the last 10 years of governance?

rahul gandhi addresses rally gawhati Rahul Gandhi`s   21st Century India or RSS Fixation ?

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi addresses a public meeting at Khanapara Veterinary College ground in Guwahati on Feb.25, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Answer that first. It would be better if you tell people of India what did your government do in last 10 years ? When you are asking for another extension in 2014, tell why should your Congress party again be voted back in power? People want to know. Your report card on governance and delivery is pathetic after 60 years. Why play this communal politics ? Why play Vote Bank politics? But this is in your blood. For the past many years, your Congress has been fooling innocent people of India with false stories. That is your dishonest character. It is sad, you do not want to change. Don’t you have anything better to say? Or is it your limited level of incompetence? That does not take you beyond…Narendra Modi, Gujarat 2002 Riots, RSS, VHP, Nathuram Godse, Assassination of Gandhi Ji?

rss logo Rahul Gandhi`s   21st Century India or RSS Fixation ?

Yesterday, openly and publicly, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi bitterly condemned your using Gandhi name for political mileage ? He said and I quote… ” Why Gandhi name is dragged into electoral politics always ? Why cant they ( your Congress) keep his name out of their politics? When asked by the media about Mahatma Gandhi`s killers, … he too made it clear, no role of any organization such as RSS was found in an investigations behind the assassination, then why drag names of any organization for political motives when it is not true ? He told the media. How long you are going to cash on it? How long You will falsely propagate and tell lies to this nation about history? You have not studied history when you were in the school?

The history you are telling in your speeches is written by fake Congress politicians like Digvijay Singh, Salman Khurshid and Kapil Sibal. Let us turn the history pages to see what is this Congress propaganda against RSS and what is the truth. The subject of the ban on RSS in connection with Gandhi Ji’s assassination needs some factual revelation to educate Rahul Gandhi on our true history.. Sardar Patel was of the opinion that the RSS was not involved in Gandhi Ji’s murder. This fact is evident from the correspondence between Patel and Nehru. Replying to the Prime Minister’s letter urging him to ascertain the RSS connection in the case, Patel sent a categorical reply on 27 February 1948, less than a month after Gandhi Ji’s assassination: he says in that… “‘I have kept myself almost in daily touch with the progress of the investigations regarding Bapu’s assassination case. All the main accused have given long and detailed statements of their activities. It also clearly emerges from the statements that the RSS was not involved in it at all.“’ Therefore, it is clear that it was on Nehru’s insistence and some later fictitious reports from some of the state leaders that forced Patel to impose the ban on the RSS. If you read further developments from here on you will be surprised how much Sardar Patel respected RSS as the most nationalistic force of independent India.

It is Congress which has been targeting and tarnishing RSS for its political profits

By Ajay Angre