Rahul Gandhi & Congress’ only intention is to extend lip service to farmers so that during election it can win them votes by extending adhoc financial payments

Rahul Gandhi was a baby, is a baby, and will remain a baby. He is talking now very loudly and forcefully but is there any substance in his talks? What he is talking about the plight of farmers with such loud voice only a person without grey matter will buy it.

Rahul Gandhi kisan rally Rahul Gandhi Is A Baby, Was A Baby, Will Be A Baby...


In the Parliament,  Parliamentary Affairs Minister and the Agriculture Minister rebuffed all his remarks about failure of NAMO Govt point by point with proofs and it was so embarrassing for Congress MPs  that they walked out as they had no answers . Also what he is talking about the plight of farmers? Has his party done anything for farmers during its almost 60 years rule? Did not thousands of farmers commit suicide during Congress rule?

Even now they are committing suicide in non-BJP State Govts including his party’s. Govt under Congress rules only knew to pay adhoc financial helps to farmers or write off huge loans given to farmers before elections  to win their votes but never thought of permanent solutions to save them. Atalji during NDA’s rule  wanted to have river linkage programme and worked on that scheme which would have  protected the farmers from  flood and drought .

But after UPA Govt came in power in 2004 Raul Gandhi who had not an iota of knowledge in water resourcing  cancelled this scheme and ruined the hopes for farmers. The Congress Party made the situation for farmers so hopeless that during weather related problems farmers would have no option but come out with begging bowls.

As a result even the farmers’ children do not want to carry out the agricultural job and are trying hard to make them suitable for professional’s job which they can have only if there is development and modernization of the country and to which direction Modi Govt is working sincerely. But the Congress Party with selfish leader like Rahul Gandhi are trying to disturb their programme by raising all repeated points which could not solve the farmers problems for last 66 years.

Congress Party’s only intention is to extend lip service to farmers (as tit has done with Muslim population) and want them to remain in perpetual poverty so that during election time it can win their votes by extending adhoc financial payments from tax payer’s money.

By: Alpha Ahalya

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