Rahul Gandhi is making frequent trips abroad focusing more on his private life. Is he dating? Who is he dating?

Rahul Gandhi, the dimpled, fifth generation heir of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has fervently shielded his private life and his decision to remain ‘single’ though the Vice President of INC is on the wrong side of 45 and has fuelled never-ending rumors/speculations over his marital status. 

Last year, before the Lok Sabha Elections, when Mr. Gandhi was quizzed about his marriage plans, he told PTI that he will only marry when he finds the “right” girl. This is how the conversation went –

rahul gandhi photos Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?

Interviewer: “Is it two years from now, one year from now?”

“When I find the right girl.” replied the 43-year-old Congress vice-president.

Interviewer: “That means you have not found the right girl?”

Rahul Gandhi: “When I find the right girl, I will get married.”

However, now that the Gandhi scion is making a bunch of trips abroad (during the Land Bill, and for New Year), looks like he has a girlfriend abroad and he seems to be focused on his private life as well.

But, Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?

bulletproof car rahul gandhi Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?

Noal Zaher, the Afghan Princess, and Jewelry Designer?

In 2012, the Sunday Guardian reportedly informed the world how Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice President was “seriously involved” with an Afghan princess, the grand-daughter of the late Mohamed Zahir Shah, the hereditary King of Afghanistan. The news also confirmed that the gorgeous Afghan princess is ‘reported’ to be a converted Christian.

noal zaher rahul gandhi  Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?

The Sunday Guardian further said,

“The two [Rahul and the Afghan princess] have reportedly been seen together in the Aman Hotel in Delhi, which is known to be a regular haunt of the future PM, who spends hours there in the Fitness Center, trying to develop biceps that can challenge those of Shah Rukh Khan and Robert Vadra.”

Further adding that,

“The young lady from the Afghan royal family is known to be very well brought up, with a gentle mien and a generous nature. Hence, Rahul’s buddies hope that, this time around the future PM will not walk away from a lady friend [as he has on numerous occasions in the past], but will follow the example of Papa Rajiv [Gandhi] when he married Mamma Sonia in 1965.”

Noella’s Italian Connection

Noella’s grandfather Zahir Shah had ruled for 4 decades from 1933 until he was dethroned in a coup in 1973 by his own cousin Mohammed Daud Khan. The king then went to Italy to live in exile and returned to Kabul only in 2002. This is the reason why Noella just like Rahul Gandhi has an Italian mom.

Rahul Gandhi Afghanistan Muslim Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?

However,  a year later, all the speculation of Rahul Gandhi marrying Noal came to rest when she married Egypt’s prince Muhammad Ali in 2013.

noal zaher rahul gandhi ex gf Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?

Is It Rahul Gandhi’s Decade Old Girlfriend Veronique Cartelli?

Almost everybody knows about Rahul Gandhi’s long-time girlfriend Veronique, a girl he met in London in 1998. No wonder, the lady was a regular visitor to India for many years and was also alleged to be the reason behind the Gandhi scion’s frequent trips to London. They were often spotted and even photographed, watching cricket matches abroad. She even holidayed with him in the Andamans in the winter of 1999.

rahul gandhi veronique Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?
rahul gandhi girlfriend veronique cartelli Who is Rahul Gandhi Dating?
Then, during the 2004 election campaign, Rahul Gandhi told journalists,

“My girlfriend’s name is Veronique, not Juanita… she is Spanish and not Venezuelan or Colombian. She is an architect, not a waitress though I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. She is also my best friend.”

Soon after the elections, he told journalists that the family was of Spanish origin and had been living in Venezuela for a long time, which suggests that they may have Venezuelan citizenship though he did not elaborate. Amazingly, not much has been heard of Veronique since then, though for a while she was spotted in India occasionally.

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