Rahul Gandhi is missing in action and everybody seems to be missing him, especially the media. Read this humorous take on where Rahul baba might be hiding

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Perfect Travel destinations for “Missing Rahul Gandhi” 

‘Rahul baba is missing. Not that his presence will have any impact in parliament. Still, we have the budget session starting and the absence of the most important figure of the not so important congress has suddenly caught every one’s attention.As per reports, Rahul has decided to take a sabbatical. I personally feel, this sabbatical will do Congress good. Provided, he comes back and resigns from all party posts.While media is on its toes looking for Rahul Gandhi, he is at one of his hide outs to evade the every prying media eyes. One of party workers tweeted photos of Rahul Gandhi enjoying the beauty of nature in Uttarakhand.The party was quick to deny Rahul Gandhi’s presence in Uttarakhand, calling the pics from 2008. Million dollar question is “Where is Rahul Gandhi?” Read this humorous article on where Rahul baba might be hiding.

The Defining Image of Carnage! 

The defining image of the Gujarat Carnage- A picture of a man trapped by zealous rioters. The petrified man folding his hands in hope of mercy from his would be killers. His face, covered in sheer fear and hopelessness had become the most defining face of the Gujrat riots. Read this article to know about the fate of the man whose face became the most defining image of the Gujarat riots.

Boats, Terror and Biryani 

A post on the recent Terror Boat incident that created quite a stir in the country, it brings up some pertinent questions relating to the event and the contradictory statements issued by the Coast Guards and the Ministry of Defence.

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