Being an imported Christian, Rahul Gandhi is ignorant of Indian culture & ethos…

The fifth-generation scion of the ‘first political dynasty’ is a person of very low intellect. Being the heir to the dynastic ‘gaddi’, Rahul Gandhi was never groomed nor he has worked at the grassroots level.

rahul gandhi dalit amethi Rahul Gandhi Is Ignorant of Indian Culture And Ethos

Being an imported Christian, he is ignorant of Indian culture and ethos. He has made BJP’s job easy and simple. He alone can finish Congress, a party that never had a nationalistic leader, it had only selfish and self-serving megalomaniacs from Gandhi to Nehru down to Manmohan and so on.

It was the most foolish Indian public that has been following these idiots from 1920 when the real and truly nationalistic Tilak died and cunning Gandhi took over. If the masses again go into slumber, only then Rahul with the brain of a ten-year old boy can be accepted as legitimate leader of a bankrupt and corrupt political outfit that is thoroughly unfit to rule since it does not understand the needs of this once great country.

Even if half the number of Hindus vote for the present rulers this can create a Congress-Mukt Hindustan. The problem is Hindus are fiercely divided. That has been helping unscrupulous incompetent persons from Nehru down to Manmohan.

By: Dr. Sat Sharma

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