Let’s give benefit of doubt to the emerging media muse Rahul Gandhi, may be next time he comes with politically correct answers

The recent interview by the Congress Vice president Mr. Rahul Gandhi has been the talk of the town of late in various media circles. The tweeple beings got food for thought and almost everyone started to crack jokes on the volley of questions and answers thereof. Considering the fact that this interview has been on the forefront of most media headlines the day after due to all the wrong reasons. Rahul Gandhi has been a part of the Congress brigade for most of the past decade but has never given any dedicated interview and faced such fierce questions from a pugnacious interviewer (Times Now editor in chief : Arnab Goswami), who is much famous for researching his subject pre-emptively before he launches his charade. The story is going the rounds that Mr Gandhi was well prepared by none other than his sister Priyanka Gandhi for taking the shots. The Congress scion has been severely been downgraded by media for all the wrong reasons and after the interview, so much so that one might be on the other side of the fence too.

Rahul Gandhi Rally Rahul Gandhi & ‘THE Interview’ that ever was…

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi waves to the public during a roadshow at Ormanjhi in Ranchi on Feb.7, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

A brief evaluation of what Rahul meant by certain recurring phrases of ‘Women Empowerment’, ‘RTI’ &  ’Changing the System’. On one occasion, Mr Gandhi emphasizes that he was not happy with the way things move in this country (so true his ideology is) and he wants to change the system he has been part of since so long, but is in not true that most of the political bigwigs who are in power could have changed the system if they really means to do so? What made them not do it in all these retrospective years? Is it a sheer coincidence that Mr Gandhi wants to act in a different perspective defying the party lines to gain self imposed popularity?

Another controversial volley of question put forward was about Gujarat pogrom and 1984 Sikh riots, to which Mr Gandhi answered with all earnest that ‘Some of the Congress men were probably involved but have been punished”. His barbs have created a commotion of sorts in the political circles (though he didn’t apologize for the wrong doings of his party men) and the demand for justice has sparked voices of criticism across the Sikh community, who have been haplessly waiting for justice for more than 30 years in a hope of getting it. His further opinion about unequivocally comparing the Gujarat pogrom and 1984 Sikh riots was also unwarranted; he blamed Mr Narendra Modi for the Gujarat massacre as according to him he was at the helm of affairs in state at the time such killings were taking place.

At some point Mr Gandhi proved that he had lost much in politics of power than anybody else. Replying to one of the questions about avoiding direct face-off with Narendra Modi, Mr Gandhi was quite vociferous about his liking to desist such comparisons, he felt that one needs to fit in his boots to understand what he is made off, he is not scared of anybody.

Answering to one of the questions regarding challenging his Cambridge degree by Subramanian swamy of the BJP, Rahul Gandhi send the ball in Arnab’s court (he asked Arnab where has he graduated from) and later he confessed that should he show his degree to prove a point (A press communiqué from Cambridge later prophesied that the Gandhi Scion has indeed studied Mphil at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995, mastering in development studies).

Many a times Mr Gandhi reverted to chanting ‘fillers’ like ‘RTI’, ‘Fundamental’ & ‘Women Empowerment’ in his reverts. This severely showed his lack of understanding of the question itself Answering on courts giving clean chit to Narendra Modi on Gujarat, Mr Gandhi ended the answer by stating that the ‘Real Issue is Woman Empowerment’, which made one wonder how is Gujarat Riots connected to Woman Empowerment? Clearly Mr Gandhi lost the track midway on many occasions.

The interview was well scrutinized by social media barbs and psychologists who were of the opinion that Mr Gandhi was avoiding a direct eye contact and at time sweating, which is not a good sign of confidence during such confrontations. May be this was the first ever eighty minute camera glare which made Mr Gandhi a little conscious about what is coming his way, but let’s give benefit of doubt to the emerging media muse , let’s give a second chance , may be next time he comes honed with politically correct answers to most of the reverting questions which the nation wants to ask after a decade of political slumber.

By Sanjeev Jaggi

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