Rahul Gandhi is now saying – Don’t vote for the BJP, Don’t vote for the Manmohan Singh’s Congress – vote for me I will clean the system. A master stroke !

Oh! how clever Mr Rahul Gandhi  – in one stroke you distance yourself from the “corrupt” Congress, and the BJP (which incidentally also has its hands dirty in partly drafting the “save the convicted neta” bill when it was in power)   . With this deft move he has stolen Mr Arvind Kejriwal’s line from his radio advertisement (i.e. keep away from both the Congress and the BJP in Delhi – they both are corrupt)

Rahul is now saying the same – Don’t vote for the BJP, Don’t vote for the Manmohan Singh’s Congress – vote for me I will clean the system. A master stroke !

Rahul Gandhi Press Club of India Rahul Gandhi Is the New Arvind Kejriwal

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at a press conference where he lambasted Congress led UPA-II Govt. for bringing ordinance on convicted politicians at the Press Club in New Delhi on Sept.27, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Complicity of the Press

Everyone knows that Barkha Dutt is pro-congress (See Radia Tapes Controversy) and was probably asked to cover this event in detail by Rahul Gandhi’s coterie. What surprises me is Arnab Goswami’s program discussing Rahul Gandhi’s strong language. As the environment minister Jayanthi Natarajan said in his program – “what Rahul Gandhi wants happens in the Congress”. Given the presence of this so-called note where Rahul had expressed his displeasure much prior to the ordinance being passed – how come this ordinance was passed in the first place. Everyone knows that Manmohan cannot  do anything without the approval of either Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. Manmohan himself has expressed the desire to work for Rahul subsequent to this term and for Rahul to be PM.

So is Arnab being naïve – or is this paid news ? Can he not see that this has to be a charade ? Why is he making a bid deal of the PM being snubbed ? Can he not see through this – or is it that he can see through this , but chooses not to for the sake of just having a program ?

This for sure is a well planned charade by Rahul  ! A master stroke – I would like to think in fact that this was thought up by Kapil Sibal , the maestro himself – the vanquisher of Anna Hazare.

Early Elections

Should congress wait for next April for general elections ? If they lose the up-coming assembly elections – which every indication is that they will lose badly – it will give the opposition forces the momentum. God forbid (from the congress’s perspective) if Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party were to come to power to Delhi and have the Lok Pal bill passed in the Ramlila grounds – the thunder they have been promising  – Congress would lose even further ground and an extreme loss of face.

Rahul Gandhi has essentially made an attempt (a good one) to steal Kejriwal’s tag line and may I add successfully so by this impromptu press conference.

The employment bill has been passed, the food bill has been passed, the land acquisition bill has been passed, the pay commission has been passed – why wait for so many more months . Anyways these are token measures – the food bill is not , for example, going to benefit any in the next few months (other than a few chosen needed for photo-opportunities) – rather if the food bill were fully implemented more scams would probably appear as the distribution network is full of leaks – so waiting for any implementation of the food bill or any such scheme is folly from the Congress’s perspective – lip service for votes is enough !

The negative voting just allowed by the Supreme Court cannot be helpful in any way!

The Momentum moves over to Rahul Gandhi

This is the right time for Rahul to re-incarnate himself as a messiah and steal the thunder from Arvind Kejriwal – this is perhaps a harbinger for early elections (or earlier elections) – the period from now to as long as it takes for Rahul to come up-to the top with his “lets clean the system bugle call”.

As some have noted Narendra Modi has peaked too early – he is showing too much sophistication – he is attracting the intelligentsia. Look at one of his recent jokes as below – sophisticated – he will never reach out to the masses this way. And he needs more time to sway the minorities.

Kejriwal needs the Delhi elections – he needs to pass the Jan Lokpal in a grand way in Delhi – this will make open his pathway to the centre and to the Lok Sabha – Early elections will pre-empt all of that.

Happy Birthday, Mr Prime Minister

Will Mallika Sherawat be singing “Happy Birthday Mr Prime Minister – Rahul Gandhi” next year, for the other most eligible bachelor in India ?

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