Check out some of the most trending Rahul Gandhi jokes post his return from Thailand to India!

After an unexplained sabbatical lasting nearly two months,  AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi returned to Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi These Rahul Gandhi Jokes Are Breaking The Internet!!!

While, we have already shared Memes and Tweets about #RahulReturn, here in this post we shall share some of the most trending on Rahul Gandhi that is breaking the Internet!

#RahulReturn Jokes Alert!

Congress: Rahul is back.

Media: TRP is back.

People of India: Entertainment is back.


India has now 3 important numbers …

49 days governance …

56 inches chest and…..

58 days sabatical … #RahulReturns


Who Is Rahul Gandhi?

His Father was killed when he was a child

He inherited a big empire

He was unable to handle it

He left without informing anyone

He went to a secret location

Only to come back with special powers and a new personality

Rahul Gandhi Is Batman


Why did Rahul Gandhi go to Thailand ??

He wanted to send a strong Massage to the opposition. #RahulReturns


All the Sadhvis and Sadhus must be super relieved with #RahulGandhi‘s return.

Now they won’t sound as stupid as him


Pandavas to Rahul – “Yo man!Your agyaat-vaas is just as good as ours!”  



#RahulReturns after completing his Masters in Political Science from IIN.

Wish we all got such degree in 2 month holidays!!


Shocking revelations from Congress:

RaGa was evacuating the stranded peoples in Yemen

with the help of PokeMon n Chota Bheem. #RahulReturns


after 57-day self-exile & TV berserk.

Thank God there was no news TV when

Lord Ram returned after 14-yr exile with Ravan scalps


Rahul to address Farmer’s rally on Apr 19.

Poor chaps !

1st drought, then unseasonal rains and now this !

How much torture !




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