Does Rahul Gandhi’s new found resolution of changing the face of India’s politics in ways we can’t imagine, hold any potential? Or is it also a political facade like the rest?

Rahul Gandhi was addressing the business community in FICCI and talked about reforms required in labor laws, growing corruption in all sectors, creating the right atmosphere for healthy growth of manufacturing sector etc. But what was Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party doing for the last ten long years while in the governance? Has Rahul Gandhi started working only now and is asking electorate to vote him back in power? And what about the accountability of last ten years? Was this a confessional note saying that the Congress party did not do anything on all these pressing issues and a loot was going on during our rule and we turned our heads the other side when 2G scam, CWG scam, Coal scam,  Augusta Helicopter scam, Rail scam, Defence scam, irrigation scam, land scam etc were happening?

Adarsh Scam

Many Congress ministers, Congressmen, their friends and relatives  were involved and all of them were protected by Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Was Rahul Gandhi not aware about all these super scams? Or is that, Rahul Gandhi thought, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and the civil society can’t defeat Congress?
The latest  proof of Rahul Gandhi’s fake stand against corruption is ADARSH SCAM. His own Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and Ex Chief Minister Ashok Chavan have been found to be involved in the huge Adarsh scam. The two member commission headed by two honorable justices have clearly alleged accusations against Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Ex CM Ashok Chavan and other Congress ministers. It is a proof Congressmen are deeply involved in the Adarsh scam and according to media reports, Delhi has forced the Maharashtra Government to reject the commission’s report to save all Congress ministers.
Rahul Gandhi Source IANS2 Rahul Gandhi... its Too Late Now!

Is Rahul Gandhi Sincerely Being Honest?

Any honest comments by Rahul Gandhi? The nation is waiting to hear his moral stand. Will Rahul Gandhi tell people about these double standards by his party? When it comes to Gujarat and Narendra Modi, Congress is quick in setting up inquiry commissions. The same Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde who is accused of corruption in Adarsh is appealing to the President of India to initiate an inquiry about Gujarat Snoop gate to target Narendra Modi, but Rahul Gandhi does not think on high moral grounds that his Home Minister who is indicted by the commission should be sacked?

Is this a Lip service to project himself as an honest leader ? Or smart fooling around after a humiliating defeat in recent elections? If he is so honest and sincere in his intent to fight against corruption, he would have done something to protect Ashok Khemka who is a victim of his own corrupt Congress government which helped Robert Vadra make millions in land deals in Haryana? But he did not since it is his family matter and Robert Vadera, is his Brother-In-Law.

If he is sincere and honest, he and his Congress party would not be protecting Sajan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler who are accused in 1984 Sikh riots and were directly involved in killing innocent Sikh men, women and children cruelly? We have been watching in the media clips, how both the accused, Sajan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler are participating in Congress meetings with Rahul and Sonia Gandhi? If he was so sincere and honest he and his Congress party would have fought for Bhopal Gas Victims who are still fighting for their rights and justice.And he was so honest and sincere he would have asked his party seniors not to target Narendra Modi unfairly for 2002 Riots. Because, Congress past record is worse. 1984 Sikh Riots,were sponsored by Congress members and the alleged criminals are still working  in Congress whereas their actual place is in the jail?

If Rahul Gandhi was sincere and honest he would have gone through Congress’ past  and found out gross human rights violations when his Congress party PM had imposed Emergency Rule in 1977 and denied fundamental rights to the citizens of India? It was a Fascist Rule imposed by the Congress Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He should have known, Narendra Modi came much later in politics, but before his arrival, his own party had a Dictator, Hitler and fascist leaders in Congress. In all honesty, Rahul Gandhi should have asked his Congressmen like Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibal, Chidambaram, Shakeel Ahmed, and many others to stop indulging into Character assassination of Narendra Modi.

rahul gandhi speech public rally at leh india opines 300x225 Rahul Gandhi... its Too Late Now!
He never did that and in fact encouraged the dishonest propaganda that suited his politics so how can he claim today to be a changed person? Congress’ character, intent, politics never have been honest. His famous choreographed act in the press conference, tearing an ordinance, calling it “nonsense”, that his own Congress party had pushed to protect its own tainted ministers was nothing but a face saving drama enacted by Rahul Gandhi because, Rahul Gandhi and his team of congressmen knew it well that President was going to send it back and then Congress would have lost face in public.Honestly.. was that an honest act Rahul Gandhi? Doesn’t he see anything wrong and dishonest when Congress itself is in the dock for many accusations? Adarsh is a classic example of his dishonesty.

So a person who has been dishonest for the last ten years and is suddenly trying to claim that he has a changed Avatar needs to be seen as being hypocritical. Whichever way you look at it Rahul Gandhi has woken up after ten years of his own party’s lack of governance in the country. Congress only indulged in national loot and vote bank politics and Rahul Gandhi has been a part of it. He has been a silent spectator enjoying powers Only after suffering humiliating defeat in recent elections, Rahul Gandhi is talking of issues that the Civil Society has been raising on the streets for the past 3 years. Rahul Gandhi… it is too late and it is too little with lot of dishonesty

By Ajay Angre


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