At 44, Mr Rahul Gandhi is all set to mantle the flag of the congress party and lead by role and give new resurgence in the party.

In the case of missing political numbers, the congress has been laid back to a pittance, more so the grandeur of the leaders and face of the party leadership has been termed “Absconder” during the key sessions of the Parliament. Rahul Gandhi has been earmarked as the culprit, who should have been representing the opposition benches and thus wage a war on the strong opponent – The treasury Benches.

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Rightly so, as per the expected, Rahul Gandhi has been quite efficiently (Knowingly or Otherwise) united the voice of opposition and has hit the Modi turf where it hurts the most.

In recent times, congress has been decimated in general elections and ever since there has been voices within and outside of the grand old party to bring out the face to represent and reinvigorate the lost bastion. No one apart from Rahul is the best man to fit into the position and astute a phoenix like rise in the political spectrum.

His return has been catapulted as a key benchmark to represent his mark as and ascendency in the near future both within and outside the political circles. It can be construed that it is just matter of time that the congress scion will be elevated to the position of party chairperson and this is inevitable truth. At 44, Mr Gandhi is all set to mantle the flag of the congress party and lead by role and give new resurgence in the party.

His 56 day political absence (Especially at the time of budget session) has been strongly taken cognizance by his key political opponents. This had brought the congress party at the back foot, but with his vociferous return, the congress scion is up against political stalwarts and has been quite instrumental in bringing forth issues which the government finds itself tough to answer.

In the last fortnight, Rahul (pseudo named as “The Reluctant Politician”) has been quite vocal in the parliament and his belligerent attacks on Mr Modi have put the government in tight waters. His famous jibe “Our Prime Minister is on tour in India” has been hard hitting and has severely dented the imagery of the incumbent government.

On other occasion, his direct attack on Mr Modi’s “Suit boot ki sarkar” caught the government napping and quickly went in for damage control (Next day our finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley responded in all affirmative to Rahul’s barb, describing his government as “Sujh bhooj ki Sarkar” ).

His key aides would not be wrong if they declare that “Congress will see a renaissance in Political arena in coming years”. Mr Gandhi has started to tread a path where actual political problems are taking shape, be it the “Suicide of the Farmers” or “Land Bill” or sharing his concerns with the middle class on the “Building Mafia”, he has been hitting the right chords, which is the need of the hour.

Rahul can rightly be attributed as an emergent leader in harness with the current political turmoil. His back to back padyatras (In Maharashtra and Punjab, both key states where elections are following suit) and road shows are crowd pullers, gone are the days of his fumbled speeches and irrelevant examples (His famous remark on landless peasant “Kalawati”, his famous muse during the trust motion in Nuclear debate).

Another key area where Rahul has been instrumental is “Handling the Media”, in his previous avatar the fourth estate has been hostile to his various incongruities, making him a political caricature, this time he has shown quite a bit of maturity in handling the media, be it his accessibility or his comatose smile to acerbic questions, the congress vice president has shown his political stature in this respect.

For a party which has been struggling to have its foot on electoral turf, the re-emergence of Rahul Gandhi as a “Congress Brand” has taken the political space of this country by a storm, he could turn out to be a “Messiah” for the diluted congress which has been reduced to petty numbers in the Lok Sabha.

The need of the hour has been rightly so to make him the “face of the party” with rightful political onslaughts and thus start afresh in the Indian political arena, I guess the congress has found one by the name of “Rahul Gandhi”

By: Sanjeev Jaggi

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