With the 2014 General Elections right around the corner and the entire media furor that surrounds it, it’s time we take a step back and question why does the fate of the billion-strong country depend on only two people: Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi?

Supporters of Narendra Modi are everywhere – they are vocal and vociferous. They declare their views and their support in all possible forums, regardless of whether we speak of TV shows, movies, history, Rana Pratap, Indian Culture or vegetarianism. Supporters of Rahul Gandhi are probably as numerous even if they seem unable to match Modi loyalists in terms of ferocity, verbosity and a remarkable ability to repeat themselves.

The fact is that both these leaders have their limitations.  Rahul Gandhi is hamstrung by inexperience and Narendra Modi by history. There are vast numbers of the citizenry violently opposed to either. Why has it been reduced to a Rahul Gandhi V/s Narendra Modi tussle? As a citizen of this vast country of ours with over a billion individuals why does my choice have to be narrowed down to these two men?

From a virtual ocean of brilliant, able, talented Indians is this all we have by way of options for the country’s top job? I reject the idea that we Indians have to pin our billion hopes on one or the other of these two men; that we have no other option at all.

As a citizen of India I don’t want either of those two as Prime Minister of my country. And yet, I ask myself what are the other options that present themselves?

Kejriwal & Co Are Not a Real Option

The Aam Aadmi Party is a wonderful idea, born of the spontaneous groundswell of protest against all the ills of our society. The party symbol is a broom, the delightful imagery representing a party that seeks to sweep away all social evils such as corruption, injustice, inequality and so on.

Its non alignment to existing political parties may be a USP, but for this very reason it cannot have any national ambitions. To imagine that Arvind Kejriwal has a shot at getting elected to the top spot is completely unrealistic. The party has neither the reach nor the presence nor the support required to make any kind of national impact.

Besides it is restricted by ideological differences among the leaders of the Team Anna movement – witness the parting of ways of Anna Hazare and Kejriwal even before the formation of the party. The party’s agenda against the perceived government-corporate nexus also could be perceived as anti-development. So, attractive as the idea may be, Kejriwal and Co present no real option to the people of India.

The Third Front Option Is Not an Option Either

Then we have the Third Front – a coalition of Left and major regional parties such as the Bahujan Samaj Pary, Communist Party of India, Community Party of India (Marxist), Telugu Desam Party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Janata Dal (Secular) All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), the Revolutionary Socialist Party, the Forward Bloc, and the Janhit Congress Party.

Even if they somehow cobble together the numbers, this motley crew has some very significant ideological differences.  How can they hope to present any viable option to the voting public? The Third front is not viable either.  In any case a possible coalition of this rag tag bunch at the centre is a rather frightening prospect!

Why Aren’t We Thinking Of Other Indian State Chief Ministers?

The Congress and the BJP are our only realistic hopes, but why is it that Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are their only hopes? Why are these two parties unable to see the talent pool that exists within their own ranks? Many State Chief Ministers have done a first rate job in terms of inclusive growth and development.

Even the so-called second rung leaders in Congress and BJP – These are strong leaders, courageous individuals and able administrators who have held portfolios of import and have done a commendable job.

Why are the people of India not considering these leaders? And more importantly, why are the political parties not considering or projecting them as possible contenders? It is quite simply unfair to these very able and talented individuals and it is a gross injustice to the voting public.

What will the 2014 elections bring?

Who will be the next Prime Minister of India? This billion dollar question will be answered soon by the Indian voter who is a complex and unpredictable being. I have a feeling the answer will surprise us all.

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