Rahul Gandhi had an easy opportunity to become Prime Minister in 2009 – Will be get another opportunity in the future !!

It has been perhaps been the biggest blunder (that we know of) in Rahul Gandhi‘s life – not having taken the Prime Ministers job in 2009. What was a he waiting for – a good opportunity, waiting out his #pappu insecurities, or the luxury of having to (shadow) rule without any position – possibly all.

Of course now he must be ruing his decision. Not only does it look like Narendra Modi becoming the next PM, but of course all the court cases against him and his family (Bofors, Vadra, National Herald, etc) – will be bought to the fore and why not, after all his family has totally and utterly misused their control of the CBI both to curtail opposition (Modi) and to win (read blackmail) allies (BSP, SP) in return for not pursuing corruption charges.

And to top it all, there is now another irritant for him – The Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal – so from it being an easy and unchallenged road to Prime Ministership , he has NOW become third in place for the throne – some would say even lower in the totem pole as regional supremos like Mayawati, Mamata and Mulayam Singh (god forbid) stand a better chance at PM’ship.

To further his problems – in politics, there aren’t any loyalists – the departure of Ram Vilas Paswan to the NDA fold is an example. If the Congress gets less than 60-70 seats in any election, the party will probably break and cease to exist (aka Congress Mukt Bharat)

Is he spending his days thinking – Will I ever become Prime Minister ?? And did I make a blunder in 2009 ? Should I have become the Prime Minister then ?

The video below could very well be that of Rahul Gandhi banging is head on the wall (for his decision not to become Prime Minister in 2009) instead of Joaquin Phoenix – What do you say ??


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Video Source: Via Giphy

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