Rahul Gandhi’s Public Speech at Leh during the opening of a new tunnel. He talks about progress happening in other states of India and how Kashmir should see the same.

Farooq Abdullah had said that his father Sher-e-Kashmir shook hands with my grandfather for Kashmir. I want to say here that my family is also from Kashmir. We are also from Kashmir. I have two goals here. First, I know that you are going through great difficulties – I want to make a relationship with you and understand (with depth) your problems and sources of discontent. I want to make a long term relationship, a life-long relationship – the way my grandfather shook hand with Farooq Abdullah’s father, I want to shake hands with you. My second gals is to get make the public and the youth at Kashmir see progress. Today in India we see a lot of progress. In any state that you go to, there is a lot of progress and education – these things should happen here. The benefit that the rest of the states get, the same advantage and benefits should be seen here. In education, health , infrastructure, and electricity . I was here last year and I was told that in winters the road closes. This is the first tunnel and soon we will build another.

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