Rahul Gandhi’s frequent tours scratch out nothing productive for the states. Rather than being vice president of Congress, he should try being a tour guide.

rahul gandhi Rahuls Visits To Parts Of India
Rahul’s visits to different states has so far served no purpose.This is due  to the ground level work done by the congress workers of the areas he visited and the sixty years  of long stay of the party in centre and the states that he got a  so  so response from the public.
rahul gandhi1 Rahuls Visits To Parts Of India
It will be worthwhile  to state that most of the  people even today do not have  any interest in politics and remain busy in earning their livelihood. Moreover his speech lacks any interest in general.It is generally a speech for the sake of speech and only oriented against Modi ji in particular and BJP in general.
rahul gandhi keeps touring Rahuls Visits To Parts Of India
I’m of the view that people should rise up from the  mere opposition and weigh the work  done by a party in power in the center or the states.
rahul gandhi telangana Rahuls Visits To Parts Of India
 By R.K.Singh
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