Rahul Gandhi’s interview is talk of the town. For the first time, Congress vice-president, who is also the poll campaign chief of the party, opened up to journalist Arnab Goswami about his plans. However, it was Gandhi’s first TV interview, but he showed enough maturity to face it.

Rahul Gandhi’s interviewwith Arnab Goswami has been pretty much a tussle between two hard core persons who love their job very seriously. The ground was prepared very bouncy to put Rahul on the back foot, but he very smartly displayed his skill to outwit the intensity of Goswami. His attitude was serious enough to tackle any question patiently and he did it quite brilliantly.

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He was seen as the replica of his father-Rajiv Gandhi because both had the same ideology and reform in mind to bring a change in society. Both believed in fundamental change at the grass root level. Rajiv initiated to bring Panchayat Raj, while Rahul is struggling for empowerment and transparency in system.

Arnab Goswami was well prepared to spell a fiery range of bouncers to Rahul, but all was well defended by the Congress Vice President. He showed the character how to deal with the adverse circumstances, when everything was going against him. Tackling the barrage of questions putting forward by seasoned journalist, he won the war of prime-ministerial contender because in the past BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi left the interview mid-way because he found uncomfortable the hard core questions put forward by Karan Thaper. And, in comparison, Rahul emerged better than Modi.

The Congress leader displayed the political maturity in his first interview with Arnab Goswami. Yes! Some of the questions may have bothered him but he did not let Arnab take his wicket. Amidst odds, he was very brilliantly put his agenda in front of nation to decide what is he doing is good for country or what his counterpart is doing? He was found to be strong supporter for the empowerment of common man and also bringing transparency in the system to make it accountable to the nation as well.

Rahul explained that Democracy is about non-arbitrary decisions, not about destroying processes. While his counterpart Narendra Modi and BJP are all standing for one man. Rahul’s determination and strong will make a clear difference in the coming general election. His articulation for change will work as tonic to let the Congress remain in power.

By Anamika Kapoor

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