As the 2014 election nears, the choice in front of the nation is seen to be boiling down between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

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The biggest political event on earth would be taking place in 2014 as India; the world’s largest democracy goes out to vote. A country of 1.2 billion people will choose their best political option to vote. But going by the political compunctions in the current scenario, we have limited ourselves to a hobson’s choice namely Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi; both are men of political astuteness propagating ideas which can change the future of this country. So let’s start with demarcating the men (who re-sound the same political demarche) in their current roles and who amongst them can be the best possible candidate to dome the hat of Prime Minister.

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Mr Narendra Modi has been a standalone politician ( Son of a tea vendor) who is held in high regard in Gujarat, people swear by his commitment for the state and has been a firm leader (some say he has dictatorial ways of operating the system). He has uplifted himself from gravitas and has been a strict disciplinarian in taking decisions which sometimes have not been politically correct. Under his stewardship, Gujarat has been transformed into a separate entity basking in economic glory and has demarcated itself as a state brimming with entrepreneurship and political will. The major task in hand for Narendra Modi will be to contain the wounds of Gujarat carnage, which are still afresh in the minds of electorate. Though contained In regional political arena, off late, Mr Modi has been assigned the task of shaping the road map for the BJP for the upcoming 14 Lok Sabha polls. But one must firmly conclude that all that glitters is not gold and in this context there are various political hurdles which Mr Modi needs to cross before he is given the mantle to lead the BJP as Prime Ministerial candidate of the Party. Currently the internal political strife is strong enough to contain the charm of Mr Modi (recent Political statements by octogenarian party leader Mr L.K Advani have cast a shadow on the backing of party leadership, for Mr Modi). But as luck would have it, things are certainly falling in place for Gujarati politician, the recent refusal of Mr Gadkari to embark the saddle of lead campaign manager for the BJP horse as open an opportunity for Mr Modi, who wants to lead the campaign in his own style and authority (remember he has been an utter failure in campaigns for BJP in just concluded elections in states of Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka).

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So if Modi has his own political ambitions to fulfill, there is a strong candidate who can put cap on his trajectory and he is not from the BJP staple but from his arch rival Congress bastion. Yes! We are talking of Mr Rahul Gandhi, the Scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, the political family who has ruled for most of the time since India won its freedom from mighty British. Talking of Mr Rahul Gandhi has been the most favored subject for political bastions. Till recently he has been having a low profile and was termed as spoon fed congress czar, treading the path laid down by his mentor, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. His elevation to Congress vice president has been as exponential as his intriguing political career. If we talk about  empirical’s, he has been instrumental in bringing the Congress back to business since UPA-1, but now the political equations in the country has been stark contrast to what it was last time. The Congress is mired with scams and other political upheavals, holding the mantle of vice-president of the party, the sycophants are waiting for the next level of directions from party stalwart, so that they can tread a path leading to sunrise. The path to victory in the upcoming polls is quite tedious and Mr Gandhi can be called a clairvoyant politician when he speaks in his true sense & murmurs that he does not want to married yet, nor is he in the race to 8 race course road. His political vents define his inhibitions to lead a campaign where the party in unison can call the shots to its rivals and win back the lost confidence of the nation.

Gone are the days, when Mr Gandhi would have basked in the glory of Congress party (don’t forget that only last year he lead a campaign for the Congress for UP assembly elections, where the party failed miserably), the politics of mix & match situations are here to stay. With dramatically changing political environment and diminishing erstwhile support (read Mayawati & Mulayam Singh), the congress scion needs quick backup to prove his point and bring his cadre to that level of political firmness whereby they can call the shots in the parliament!

By Sanjeev Jaggi

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