Rahul Gandhi criticised PM Narendra Modi for his drumming but thought nothing of taking a vacation while J&K reels under devastating floods

If Modi’s Drumming is Bad, Why is Vacationing OK?rahul gandhi sonia gandhi RAHUL SONIA ON TRIP ABROAD

  1. Our leaders have a problem doing the right thing at the right time; and even more of a problem saying the right thing at the right time. Recently Rahul Gandhi jibed against Prime Minister’s activities while on a state visit to Japan; more particularly his drumming. Surely the recent vacation taken by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her son can be seen in a similar light?
  2. The Prime Minister’s recent visit to Japan revealed several hitherto hidden talents of our country’s leader. Where on the one hand he revealed that he can play the flute, on the other he displayed a competent drumming hand as well. The PM’s drumming video quickly went viral (scroll down for Narendra Modi’s drumming video)
  3. The drums may have wowed his Japanese hosts, but many in India were far from enthusiastic about the Prime Minster’s percussive abilities. Predictably there were snide and disparaging reactions from the opposition to the flute playing, the drumming and more.
  4. According to the Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari, who acknowledged that the PM played the drums very well, nothing came of the visit. “There was a lot of sound and fury and no substance,” Mr. Tewari was reported to have said. According to him the trip was unsuccessful; the euphoria about bullet trains misplaced because the Indian hoi polloi travels by ordinary trains (Source DNA)
  5. Rahul Gandhi was also reported to have sneered at the PM’s drumming in Japan. It was his contention that the PM had no business playing the drums in a foreign country while his own reeled under a power crisis with no let up in price rises. Mr. Gandhi took the opportunity to take potshots at the 100 day old BJP government, saying that big promises were made, questioning the results. (Source – Times of India)
  6. Rahul Gandhi may have been vocal about the PM’s drumming, but he is markedly silent about the Jammu & Kashmir floods. The Vice President of the Indian National Congress, has not visited the flood ravaged state, the proffered reason for this being that he did not want to divert resources and manpower from relief work to his own security.
  7. Fair enough. But how about other efforts towards rescue and relief from the considerable resources at this command? How about an official statement pledging solidarity? Neither of the mother-son duo are anywhere close to Jammu or Kashmir. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are currently abroad and are due to return today.
  8. Even upon return, the main item on the agenda of the Congress leaders will be the resolution of the internal conflicts that the party is currently reeling from. (Source – Economic Times) There is no indication that the leaders of the country’s main opposition party will be immersing themselves in finding solutions for the biggest natural disaster to have visited the northern state for 60 years.
  9. So what about rescue and relief operations in J&K? Perhaps that is best left to the people most committed to it – the Indian Armed Forces?

Image source – Economic Times

Video courtesy – Narendra Modi

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