Modi government has taken up a lot of initiatives, albeit, none comes into the light much. And this is where the incumbent govt. falls flat.

The biggest course correction which the NDA government needs to embark upon is its communication strategy . It is flawed and archaic . Prime  Minister speaking on ” Man Ki Baat” is not at all sound. They need to hire a professional agency to advertise various flagships programs of the government and the initiatives taken.
man ki baat Enough of Rahul !
IAS probationers ( Ajeet Vasant, Aswathi S and Neilenthang Telien) in a presentation to the PM highlighted ​the under-utilization of media space on issues such as OROP and need of clarity on the government’s stand.  Now , we have very little clarity on the Gold Monetisation Scheme launched by the government. Apparently , 20,000 tonnes of the yellow metal  worth Rs 57 lac crore is lying idle in households and temples of the country . Only the ‘pink papers” would be able to explain the fine print of the policy. 
modi beti bachao beti padhao Enough of Rahul !
Policies such as Swacch Bharat, Beti Bachao , Beti Padao , Jan Dhan Yojana  and surrender of LPG cylinders by the privileged lot  have yielded  positive results , but no one talks about these achievements .
  The Indian Railways have undertaken significant steps in  several areas but  , people are ignorant of the steps undertaken . The biggest step taken by Shri Suresh Prabhu was not to introduce any new  train ( hitherto done by all Railway Ministers in the past irrespective of party ideologies  mainly to become Chief Ministers of their respective states) given the strained infrastructure . Several initiatives have been taken to improve the age old accounting systems and in the passenger reservation system. By raising the platform ticket from Rs 10 to Rs 30/-  during Diwali period Secunderabad Division of South Central Railway mopped up Rs 30 lakhs. This power has been decentralised to all DRM’s. However  what media reports is the Rail Neer scam.
Indian Railways Enough of Rahul !
It is bold statement to recognize Adi Shankara , the propounder of the Advaita philosophy . But why celebrate it as ” Philosophers Day”. Adi Shankara is perceived to be Lord Shiva himself . It should have been observed as ” Guru Diwas”. In this context do we also celebrate   Madhavacharya Day( founder of Dvaita philosophy ) and Ramanuja Day( founder of Vishishtadvaita  school) ?
I recall during UPA 2, when scams were breaking out , several Ministers were fielded by the then government almost every second day to talk about the social initiative programs like MNEGRA etc.
The PM and government need to engage the chattering classes and the electronic and print media  to win the battle of perception.
By Ravi Valluri
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