Changing lifestyles have risked most the health aspects of men. Health care must be promoted and extended through fund raising schemes.

Indian population is around 1.25 crores. If we were to extend Cashless Health Care to all, assuming that we would require an amount of Rs.1000 per head, we would need to raise 150000 crores per annum.  Most of us withdraw sums from the Banks to get goods/services from the Society. Total withdrawals from the Bank alone (not taking into account cash dealings) is around 1000 lakh crores.
free healthcare How To Raise Funds For The Universal Health Care?
If Government were to introduce just 10 paise flat rate of TDS we should be able to generate around 1 lakh crore revenue without any effort and paperwork. No one would mind this most insignificant TDS of 10 paise. With this enormous accumulation it should be possible for the government to recognise government and private hospitals and Authorised Medical Attendants (allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, unani etc) who would provide cashless health care to every citizen at the hands of institution/AMA of one’s choice. Based on a uniform tariff they can get reimbursed periodically for the services rendered. In keeping with our motto of अतिथि देवो भवा we can extend similar facilities to the foreign visitors. This would give a significant boost to the medical tourism.
funding hospital and healthcare projects How To Raise Funds For The Universal Health Care?
Please consider the above suggestion for such action that you deem fit.  My individual detailed suggestion (not attached herewith) did not evoke any response from the authorities as was to be expected. If you take up the issue your voice would be acted upon.
A line in response would be appreciated.
By Vishwanathan
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