Check out Rajat Tokas’ wedding pictures in Udaipur! Don’t miss his royal get up, the magnificent venue, and of course the bride Shrishti Nayyar’s gorgeous lehenga

Finally the small screen Akbar Rajat Tokas tied the knot with his fiance Shrishti Nayyar on 30th January in a royal  milieu at Janana Mahal in Udaipur. Rajat looked as ‘kinglike’ as he appears onscreen with his bejeweled Pagdi, stunning sherwani and high voltage smile.

Here we share with you some of the moments from this Grand Wedding

The Janana Mahal Was Decked Up In a Royal Style for the TV’s Beloved Akbar 

rajat tokas wedding venue Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Akbar All Dressed Up Poses Besides the Lake

rajat tokas lake wedding Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Here Comes the Dulha in Royal Style…No, not Ghodi, Kings Prefer Elephant

rajat tokas wedding udaipur palace Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Looks Like a Scene of Jodha Akbar serial, doesn’t it?

rajat royal wedding Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Here’s a Close Up

rajat jodha akbar wedding Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Not Without My Royal Associates, Adham Khan/Haider aka Chetan Hansraj and Khan-i-Khana Abdur Rahim

chetan hansraj rajat tokas wedding Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Rajat’s Colorful Pagdi With Jewel Looks as Spectacular As his Stubble, which he has grown for his onscreen role!

rajat tokas real life dulha Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Spot the Difference – Between On-screen Akbar and Off-screen Rajat

rajat tokas wedding pics Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Till Death Do Us Apart – Rajat Taking Vows At the Mandap With his Wife Shrishti Nayyar

rajat tokas wedding pictures Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Girls, Rajat Is Already Taken Now…

rajat tokas shristi nayar wedding pics Rajat Tokas Wedding Photos

Wonder What His On-Screen Wives Have To Say about His Real Life Wedding and Wife, especially Jodha aka Paridhi Sharma

Image Source: Twitter

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