What is the source of funding for the Rajiv Awas Yojana advertisements (and others) as seen on TV as these are ‘electioneering’ advertisements

Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) envisages a “Slum Free India” with inclusive and equitable cities in which every citizen has access to basic civic infrastructure and social amenities and decent shelter

rajiv Awas yojana Rajiv Awas Yojana Advertisement Debunked

Have you seen a Hindi movie lately, the likes of Jai Ho, Yariyaan, Besharam – these must have left you wondering – did the actors just randomly act out scenes or was there any Director or a script – how could these movies be so bad. I now know the answer – the Directors (the good ones for sure) have all been recruited by the political parties for their advertisements. The Rajiv Awas Yojana advertisement is a brilliant advertisement for one. Making me want to leave the comfort of my home and drive an auto-rickshaw all day long clutching my aadhar card with the hope of getting picked up the ‘RAY’ team and being given a house similar to the ones they have shown. It is interesting that they have picked auto-rickshaws in their advertisements – the idea stolen from the campaigns of the Aam Aadmi party. And of course the advertisement has the young, the old, women minorities, dalits – you name it – it’s all inclusive – we are all getting homes from the government.

Have you ever seen or even heard of such doles in India, has anyone been given out homes for free (so far non-working laptops and black and white TV’s has been the record). Even the homes reserved for the EWS (Economically Weaker Section) categories in large developments do not make it to the ones it was intended for – instead being bought by the politicians in benami names and re-sold. We all know the game. Going to the RAY web site – you will be hit with the full force of Indian bureaucracy and red-tapism – it would certainly cure your insomnia. You would need a PhD from Harvard to decipher the requirements – just try reading through the guidelines. I wonder how many homes were allocated via this scheme in the last five years (and not the last few months).

Where were these advertisements as of six months ago. Why the sudden rush in telling people about the Rajiv Awas Yojana – well it’s obvious isn’t it – it’s electioneering.

In some sense we have to forgive the Congress for making false promises by means of the advertisement. As Kumar Vishwas has said – there is this concept of poetic / artistic licence. Doing rapes on screen does not actually make you a rapist. Similarly the political parties are known for making false promises – this is their raison d’etre (in India at least) – this is what they do – make false promises. No one is really getting a house. Let’s get that straight and out of the way.

What bothers me more is how this advertisement is getting funded. The Congress is in power and these advertisements are essentially Congress’ election related advertising. But here and in other such radio advertisements – it never says ‘this is a Congress advertisement’. Instead it says that this is an advertisement by ‘Bharat Sarkar’ ???

  • Is the corpus of Rajiv Awas Yojana being depleted for these advertisements ?
  • Some other scheme/programme social cause allocation is being depleted for these advertisements.

I have to think so, as again no-where do these advertisements claim to be for the Congress – they say they are from ‘Bharat Sarkar’.

No matter what it would seem that the poor are going to get ‘babaji ka thullu’. And of course these are other advertisements specifically targeting minorities showing Muslim women being ultra-conservative and dressed from head to toe in black – again advertisements by Bharat Sarkar. Not only are these advertisements targeting minorities but they are forcing a conservative style specifically on to minority women (And not the men of course) ?? – perhaps the funds allocated for the Nirbhayha fund / women’s bank are being used for these??

It would not shock me.

As mentioned lying (aka electioneering) is what the political parties do – but at least fess up – call a spade a spade . An advertisement is an advertisement – it is this form of fraud that causes revolutions. Can someone please file an RTI on the source of funds for these advertisements – but wait – political parties are not under RTI – how convenient !

Can someone please hail the election commission and say that these are advertisements by the Congress and cannot be labelled ‘Bharat Sarkar’

On that note , I am happy to give up my tirade and more than happy to drive an auto-rickshaw all day (but no more than one day please) in the hope (however slight) of being granted a home via this Yojna – I am happy to even take down this blog post – only one thing I ask – Can that RAY home be in Goa , somewhere close to Candolim or Nerul – Not only will I then vote congress , but I will personally take people around to the voting booths , give them alcohol and if the leader Rahul bhai wants me to – even help in booth capture (anything for the leader in true Congress tradition) – but just make sure it’s in Goa please.

By Indrajit Chatterjee

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