How Did Rajkumar Ashok Kill Keechak? Know the complete story

The ongoing Keechak track in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Serial is not only interesting but also intriguing. No wonder, almost every scene is full of suspense and thrill. Besides, the acting of Keechak (Sudhanshu Pandey) and Rajkumar Ashok (Siddharth Nigam) makes the entire plot all the more gripping.

The way the cold war of Keechak and Rajkumar Ashok is going on, many are in doubt whether Keechak is a real character? And if yes, how did RajkumarAshok kill him? But the truth is –

sudhanshu pandey in ashoka How Did Rajkumar Ashok Kill Keechak?

Keechak is a Fictional Character

Like Ujjain’s king Rajajiraj, his wife Niharika, Keechak is also a fictional character in the serial. He has no historical record. He has been introduced only to show how Ashoka in a way could curb the atrocities in Takshashila and even defeat the mightiest with his strength, will and determination. Perhaps, the track is to increase the glory of Ashoka.

chakravartin ashoka samrat serial How Did Rajkumar Ashok Kill Keechak?

The only Keechak we know is the one in Mahabharat. He was the brother-in-law of King Virat where Yudhistir and Draupadi were staying during the agyatvas. He had a thing for Draupadi (the female servant of his sister Queen Sudeshna) and even tried to touch her. Bhim not only taught him a lesson but killed him with his bare hands.

Now that Keechak is a fictional character, there is obviously no record of how did Ashoka kill Keechak. However, we can surely predict the end of keechak in the serial.

Keechak’s Wife and Acharya Devrath Will Help Ashoka in His Mission

Ashoka is not alone in his mission to kill Keechak, he has a full support of Acharya Devrath and his few trustworthy people. Interestingly, Acharya Devrath has a good connection with an insider who is giving him all the key information time to time. And that insider is none other than Keechak’s own wife Bhamani.

siddharth nigam ashoka colors tv How Did Rajkumar Ashok Kill Keechak?

With the help of these two Rajkumar Ashok will surely kill Keechak right in front of everybody and set Takshashila free from Keechak’s tyranny. No wonder, Keechak’s end is near as he is acting as per Ashoka’s movement. He has even planned to bring Ashoka in front of him so that he can kill him. However, Keechak has no idea that his end is near. Almost all the well-wishers of Takshashila have joined hands together to finish him off.

While, we are not sure how and when will Ashoka rip off Keechak in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial, one thing is sure, the man won’t be spared.

Ashoka Will Kill Keechak Heartlessly

Now that we have already seen Ashoka killing Rani Noor (though it was a mistake), we are sure Rajkumar Ashok will not only be adamant but totally violent to kill the inhumane Keechak who has been troubling the entire kingdom of Magadh as well as Kaling from years now.

takshashila episode ashoka serial How Did Rajkumar Ashok Kill Keechak?

The heartless Mahanayak will surely have a heartless end and Ashoka along with his well-wishers will ensure that Keechak is shown the door soon. No wonder, Keechak’s wife has warned Ashoka that he has to make plans for bigger goals than acting impulsively. Rajkumar Ashok will surely act on this and scheme things to finally get rid of Keechak and tyranny.

Besides, we hope that before Keechak takes his last breath he accepts his misdeeds wrt Kalinga in front of everybody.

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