Soldiers and Magadh officers are insulting Rajkumar Ashok? Laughing at his miseries? What is wrong with Ashoka serial?

We agree that people have been asked to behave badly with Rajkumar Ashok on the insistence of Rajkumar Sushim so that he is successful in throwing out Ashok from his path. However, something that is highly disgusting is to see soldiers insulting Rajkumar Ashok calling him ‘tum’ instead of ‘aap’ and even making fun of him.

We are aware that both Ashok and his mother Rani Subhadrangi were treated very badly in the palace because Rani Subhadrangi didn’t belong to a royal family. Still, it doesn’t mean even the soldiers insulted the Rajkumar. What’s more, soldiers seem to be laughing at Ashok’s misery always even though when they know that Ashok is Samrat Bindusar and Chanakya’s favorite.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat How Come Soldiers and Officers are Insulting Rajkumar Ashok?

Don’t you think the soldiers should have used ‘inka’ rather than ‘iska’ and ‘unhei’ instead of ‘use after all they are addressing a Rajkumar and not an ordinary kid. Obviously, in reality this wasn’t the case. In fact the soldiers and the officers feared Ashoka, forget insulting him. He was looked down by his siblings and step mothers not but by the people who worked in the palace including officers and soldiers.

Everybody respected Ashoka for his unique prowess

Rajkumar Ashok was no ordinary Rajkumar. He was bright and brilliant from the very start. What’s more, in terms of strength,courage and skill he was far superior than his other brothers. This is the reason why he could defeat a lion single handedly with his bare hands. He was respected for his bravery unlike shown in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial where soldiers are laughing at him looking at his sorry state which is created by his elder brother Sushim.

ashoka colors How Come Soldiers and Officers are Insulting Rajkumar Ashok?

Soldiers, Officers Feared Ashoka

Ashoka was a shrewd man with shrewd policies. This is the reason why people were afraid of him including the Mauryan army and statesman. However, here in the serial people seem to be taking advantage of Ashoka’s good nature. Forget fearing they are laughing at him. Now who laughs at a Rajkumar that too who was a saviour when they stood helpless.

ashoka serial How Come Soldiers and Officers are Insulting Rajkumar Ashok?

While, we agree they have been told to trouble Ashoka by the prabhari Raja but that doesn’t give them enough guts to mistreat Rajkumar Ashoka. This entire thing is indigestable no matter how much we love the serial as a whole.

Even as a Kid, Ashoka was a Tough  Nut to Crack

Ashoka was never a easy target as he was skillful even as a teenager. What’s more he could even curb the revolt of Ujjaini by his mere presence. Here too in the serial he negotiated for peace with Rani Niharika when she was determined to war at any cost. All the soldiers know this. In such a situation instead of respecting they are leaving no stones unturned to insult Ashoka. Now isn’t this illogical?

ashoka serial How Come Soldiers and Officers are Insulting Rajkumar Ashok?

Let’s assume even though they arrest Rajkumar Ashok on the orders of prabhari raja Rajkumar Sushim and even keep him under house arrest they would never insult or make fun of him. After all he is a blue blood and belongs to the royal family. His insult is insult to the Samrat.

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