Ashoka and Sushim are having a duel – Will Rajkumar Ashoka kill Sushim?

Rajkumar Ashoka has re-entered Patliaputra and that too with a bang. His entry was quite powerful as he brought with him few soldiers by punishing them. While everybody thought he is an enemy, he revealed his intentions.

Immediately, the soldiers informed that Rajkumar Ashok wants to enter Patliaputra and he wants the permission of Rani Dharma. Almost everybody in the court talk against Ashok except of course Acharya Radhagupt. Samrat Bindusar even taunts people that though things have changed their habit of talking ill for Ashoka is still the same.

ashoka colors tv Will Rajkumar Ashoka Kill Sushim?

Rajkumar Sushim Has Been Warned

Ashok has entered the royal house and this time there is nobody that can challenge him to go away from the palace not even Maharani Charumitra or her allies. Besides, according to their tantra baba, Sushim has been warned. The Baba has informed Sushim that his good time is over and this is a prosperous time for Ashok. He has mentioned that Rajkumar Ashoka will not only become strong but also destroy his enemies including Sushim. The baba has predicted that Ashok will become Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat by killing Sushim.

mohit raina ashoka Will Rajkumar Ashoka Kill Sushim?

Sushim is fearing the predictions of the baba. Also, Maharani Charumitra wants Sushim to change his tactics now that Ashoka has entered the royal palace all over again. Time has changed and so Rajkumar Sushim has to defend himself based on the moves and actions of Rajkumar Ashok.

Ashoka and Sushim are Having a Duel

They met in the akhada. However, inspite of having tantra Shakti and the power of the devil Sushim could nt harm Ashoka. He even inserted a needle in Ashoka’s body which had ill effects but Ashok gained consciousness much to the surprise of Maharani Charumitra and Rajkumar Sushim.

new ashoka serial Will Rajkumar Ashoka Kill Sushim?

Despite trying their best the mother son duo could do nothing. And now when Rajkumar Ashoka is in the palace both the brothers once again are battling out with each other in a duel. This time by using their swords. Looks like both are ready not just to defeat each other but also to kill each other – just like Rajmata Helena wished for.

Will Ashoka Kill Sushim?

Acharya Radhagupt has already said that whatever Ashok is thinking is correct. In order to fulfill Acharya Chanakya’s dream, Ashok needs to kill those people who are against his dreams, against Magadh and against the subjects of Magadh.

Ankit Arora Sushim Will Rajkumar Ashoka Kill Sushim?

So, if Ashok intends to kill Sushim and others it is perfectly okay as they are the major obstruction in the path of happiness. According to Acharya Radhagupt, the duel is necessary as it will decide the fate of the brothers – Will Rajkumar Ashoka win this battle and kill Sushim or will this just be a warning to him?

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