Know more about Raajkumar Siamak – the step brother of Ashoka in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial

Rajkumar Siamak comes as a decent and well-mannered son of Samrat Bindusar in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. Although he is surrounded by all the evil and selfish people, somehow he doesn’t have any of their bad quality. A good natured boy, Siamak is a propagator of right things and cannot see immoral or injustice around him.

siamak ashoka tv serial Rajkumar Siamak: Brother of Ashoka Samrat

Here we share all about Rajkumar Siamak:

Siamak Is Rani Noor’s Son, the Second (Rather Third) Wife of Samrat Bindusar

Rajkumar Siamak is Rani Noor’s son and Mir Khorasan’s grandson. While, he is introduced as Samrat Bindusar’s son, over the time we realize Siamak is not Bindusar’s son but his step brother Justin’s son with whom Rani Noor is having an affair. Strangely, nobody knows about this affair until of course Mir Khorasan and Rajmata Helena find it out themselves.

siamak noor khorasan ashoka serial colors tv Rajkumar Siamak: Brother of Ashoka Samrat

Siamak is not aware that he is not Mauyravanshi

Siamak the second son of Samrat Bindusar (as nobody knows Ashoka is Bindusar’s second son) is not aware that he is not Bindusar’s son. He has no idea that the person (Rajkumar Justin) whom he thought as his guru was not just his guru but also his father. He consider himself as Mauryavanshi, however since Siamak is the son of Rani Noor and Rajkumar Justin, he is half Khorasani and half Unani.

justin rani noor romance ashoka Rajkumar Siamak: Brother of Ashoka Samrat

He is a Well Behaved Prince unlike Sushim

Siamak might be Mir Khorasan and Helena’s grandson but he doesn’t have any of their bad quality. In fact, he always supports the truth. What’s more he has a heart and care for others. Once, he even rescued Devi Dharma when Mir Khorasan’s men were running behind her to capture her.

sushim ashoka brother chakravartin ashoka samrat Rajkumar Siamak: Brother of Ashoka Samrat


In addition, he is not selfish like Sushim and never uses wrong means to achieve anything. It will be interesting to see whether Siamak will remain as good as he is now or change completely given that he is now in company of Rajmata Helena, Noor, Mir and Selecus Nicator.

He Likes Ashoka and Even Respects His Bravery and Intelligence

When almost everybody insulted Ashoka and showed him the door, it was only Siamak who became Ashoka’s comrade. Siamak always considered Ashoka as his friend and time and again supported him. What’s more, he even called Ashoka as his equal without worrying much about his background. Though this friendship infuriates Noor and Mir, he still maintains his association with Ashoka.

siamak ashoka Rajkumar Siamak: Brother of Ashoka Samrat

He Aspires to Become the Next Samrat Some day

He knows he is younger than Sushim still he aspires to become the next samrat. The reason? His mother Noor and grandfather Khorasan has bombarded their dream (of seeing a Khorasni on Mauryan throne) on him ever since he was a kid. So, now his only dream is to make his mother happy, and for her happiness he aims to become the next Samrat. What’s more he thinks he is better than Sushim (which no wonder he is!).

ashoka serial Rajkumar Siamak: Brother of Ashoka Samrat

However, little does Siamak know that the moment the truth comes out, that he is rajdrohi Justin’s son and not Bindusar’s son, no force can ever make him the next Samrat.

This episode is something which the fans are eager to watch from long. Let us see how and when will Siamak’s truth come out in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial.

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