All about the death of Rajkumar Siamak in Ashoka serial

When Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat started, Rajkumar Siamak was everybody’s favorite character. After all, the little boy was quite sensible unlike the other people in the palace. He was not only nice but also human and quite understanding unlike his mother Rani Noor or his grandfather Khorasan.

He was the one who always supported Ashoka no matter what the circumstances were. However, his goodness was never liked by his mother who constantly tried to provoke him against Ashoka. Things took an ugly turn when Rajmata Helena started filling Siamak’s ears and even revealed that Rajkumar Justin was his father.

Ever since then, Rajkumar Siamak turned into a negative character. He turned to be more evil than Rajkumar Sushim and played a crucial role in the killing of Chanakya. He started considering Ashoka his enemy and didn’t even think twice before hurting and cheating Samrat Bindusar.

siamak ashoka serial How Did Rajkumar Siamak die?

Rajkumar Siamak Planned Against Ashoka with Sushim

Siamak grew up as hostile and cruel as that of Sushim. Together they planned not just against Ashoka but also against Bindusar. It is interesting to note that the hostile blood in his blood that of Unani and Khorasani showed its real colors. Not just once but many times he planned against Samrat BIndusar. Worst, he killed his own grandmother Rajmata Helena to fulfill his dream of sitting on the Magadh throne. Yes, that’s how the betrayers are, they don’t even spare their own blood.

ashoka serial How Did Rajkumar Siamak die?

Siamak Killed Rani Dharma

Though Siamak is a fictional character it is interesting to note that the serial writers made him execute the killing of Rani Dharma. In the serial, turns out to be he is the mastermind of the killing, though Sushim joins him later in his plan and even helps him in killing Dharma. Next, Bindusar and Ashoka assume that Dharma died a natural death until Ashoka gets a thing in her ashes that belongs to no one other than Siamak. This irks Ashoka so much that he vows to kill Siamak.

rani dharma How Did Rajkumar Siamak die?

How did Siamak die?

Well now that Siamak is a fictional character made up the CVs we assume he will be killed as per the script. Ashoka will most likely kill him to seek the revenge of his mother as he now knows that it was Siamak who killed his mother. Being the killer of his guru and mother, Ashoka will kill him brutally. We expect him to shed Siamak into pieces either on his way to Takshashila or following him all over till Takshashila. No wonder, Ashoka is in his Chand avatar is sure to kill Siamak without thinking twice.

ashoka serial How Did Rajkumar Siamak die?

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