Will Rajkumar Siamak Bear the Pain of Khorasan’s Misdeeds in Chakravartin Ashoka samrat serial?

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial, Ashoka is all set to expose Mir Khorasan on the eve of Janmashtmi. He will not only trap Khorasan by using his trick but also ensure that Khorasan himself reveal everything in front of Samrat Bindusar. Not only this, Ashoka will also reveal who is Rani Dharma and who is her son.

khorasan siamak Will Rajkumar Siamak Bear the Pain of Khorasan’s Misdeeds?

Yes, there will be a total “khulasa” in the coming week where Helena will not be able to save Mir Khorasan but Chanakya will successfully unite Samrat Bindusar with his Devi Dharma and his son Ashoka.

However, in all these revelations, one wonders what will be Rajkumar Siamak’s reaction?

Rajkumar Siamak is Still Mourning Rajkumar Justin’s Death

Rajkumar Siamak is kind and nice but unlike his brothers he is very weak hearted. After the fire incident in the palace, he became so weak that he couldn’t even face people. He was scared of almost everything until his mother Rani Noor emotionally blackmailed him.

justin death ashoka serial Will Rajkumar Siamak Bear the Pain of Khorasan’s Misdeeds?

However, just when he was trying to get over the terror, he realized that it was none other than his own tutor, friend and guide Rajkumar Justin who was the mastermind of all that happened. And now when he is still mourning Justin’s death, he will realize his own grandfather tried to kill Samrat Bindusar’s most beloved Rani Dharma. Another twist in the plot is that Rani Dharma’s son is none other than his own friend and companion Ashoka.

It Will Definitely Be a Tough Time for Rajkumar Siamak

First his guru and now his grandfather, Rajkumar Siamak will definitely be shocked to hear that both his trusted elders were rajdrohi(s). It is quite obvious that it would be a tough time for him because even in his wildest dream he must have not imagined that his grandfather could try to kill Samrat Bindusar’s pregnant wife.

siamak noor khorasan ashoka serial colors tv Will Rajkumar Siamak Bear the Pain of Khorasan’s Misdeeds?

He will be in huge agony when he’ll realize that his own people were against his father and Magadh. After all, he isn’t aware that his father is Justin and not Bindusar. One wonders what will be his reaction when he will know he is not a Mauryan blood but a son of a Khorasni mother and a Unani father.

Will he believe that his Grandfather Mir Khorasan is guilty?

Siamak considers his mother and his grandfather a lot. After all, they both are his guardians who not only took immense care of him but also trained him well to become Magadh’s yodha.  However, it would be interesting to see how Siamak reacts once Khorasan’s reality comes in front of everybody. Will he believe the truth or will he think that his grandfather has been framed?

siamak ashoka Will Rajkumar Siamak Bear the Pain of Khorasan’s Misdeeds?

Or will Rani Noor make Siamak understand that whatever Mir Khorasan did was for him so that he could become the utradhikari.In such a case, sooner or later Siamak will also realize that his mother too was involved. Then, it would be interesting to see if Rajkumar Siamak joins hands with his mother and seek revenge or get away from the throne business.

Post this khulasa it will also be interesting to see how things change between Rajkumar Siamak and Ashoka. Will Siamak still consider him as his friend and brother or will he now see him as a strong competitor?

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