The transition of Rajkumar Siamak from Good to Bad in Ashoka serial

When Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial started, Rajkumar Siamak was one of most beloved Rajkumar of Samrat Bindusar. The viewers loved his nature and behavior. After all, he was a good boy unlike the haughty and selfish Sushim, his elder brother. He always supported the right thing and never backed the wrong thing. He was not just an ideal son but also an ideal friend.

Rajkumar Siamak Was the First One to Befriend Ashoka

While almost everybody hated and shamed Ashoka, Siamak accepted him and that too as a friend. He treated Ashoka as his equal and also shared a good rapport with him. Ashoka too grew close to him and they both became close. When his elder brother Sushim insulted Ashoka, he not only sidded him but also tried to be his shield at various occasions. No wonder, Siamak and Ashoka became good friends very quickly.

siamak ashoka Rajkumar Siamak : From An Underdog to a Schemer!

Not just Siamak even Ashoka considered him as his own brother and did help him no matter how the conditions were. Moreover, no matter what the conditions were they always stood with each other. Siamak even once protested against his mother Noor for Ashoka who saw the young boy as a threat.

Rajmata Helena Spoiled Everything

However, nothing can last forever and strangely this friendship too took a wrong route. Courtesy, Rajmata Helena who manipulated Siamak completely and made him hate Ashoka by creating situations that made Siamak against Ashoka.

Suzanne Bernert as Queen Helena in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2 Rajkumar Siamak : From An Underdog to a Schemer!


Meanwhile, he got enough reasons to hate Ashoka as he killed his mother accidently while she along with the Khorasani chieftain invaded the palace and tried to kill the royal family members. Siamak had no clue about his mother and her plan.

siamak ashoka Rajkumar Siamak : From An Underdog to a Schemer!


He was not told anything about it and unfortunately, he entered the hall only when Ashoka killed his mom accidentally while protecting other members of the royal family. Both Helena and his mother hided truth from him. Even now he isn’t aware about most of the things including the strange truth that he is not Bindusar’s son but Justin’s son. However, nothing matters much now since he has become a traitor.

Helena Also Dragged Siamak in Her Scheming

Everybody considered Rajkumar Siamak as an underdog just like Justin. The reason being, he was sensitive to almost all the things unlike other Rajkumars who could tolerate blood, murder, and deceit. This made him vulnerable. So, after the murder of Noor when the responsibility of Siamak came on Helena she made him hate everybody especially Ashoka. Strangely, she even called him when they planned the killing of Chanakya.

siamak ashoka tv serial Rajkumar Siamak : From An Underdog to a Schemer!

Rajkumar Siamak under the training of Helena has become such smart that he is now fooling everybody including Samrat Bindusar. Yes, Siamak has become a pro in the game which he had no idea about. Now, he will also remove Sushim from his path by alerting Nicator.. In the last episode we saw how Sushim enters the Unani soldier camp in disguise.

Yes, Rajkumar Siamak is no more that underdog, he has become a master schemer.

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